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A Demonstration With Sirus


When you book a demo with Sirus Automotive you may be wondering what it will actually entail, what takes place on the day, and who will arrive to show you a car.

A home demonstration is your chance to try a Sirus vehicle in familiar surroundings with no pressure, no hard sell, and at a pace to suit you. Our Mobility Advisors are there simply to show you the car and answer any questions you may have. They never ask to take an order or for you to sign for a vehicle on the day unless you have specifically asked for this in advance at the time you have booked the demonstration. Our aim at the demonstration is to assess suitability of the car, not to make a sale.

Before your demonstration it’s a good idea to have any information about the wheelchair user’s chair including length width and height to hand so that we can let you know certain things to look out for at the demonstration itself. It’s also worth considering who else will be travelling, how they will access the vehicle. Any questions that you can think of in terms of vehicle use, additional extras you may need or queries about prices or the Motability scheme are worth writing down in advance so that you don’t forget to ask on the day.

One of our demonstration drivers will bring the vehicle you have asked to see to your chosen location, whether that would be your home or place of work etc. They will normally give you a call when they are on their way to let you know exactly what time they’ll arrive as on occasion, traffic can make exact times challenging!

When they arrive they will talk you through the functions and specification of the vehicle, as well as the different models and prices in the range. At this point, any information that we need to think about in terms of how you intend to use the vehicle is also discussed. Do you often use a particular small car park or intend to store the car in a garage overnight? This is the time to bring things like this up so that they can be covered off during the demonstration and ideally, actually tried out.

The next step is for you to try out the vehicle! The wheelchair user has to test whether they can access the vehicle easily and comfortably – it’s a good idea to try going in and out of the vehicle several times to make sure everyone that will be involved is completely confident. At this point the demonstration driver will also ask if it’s okay to take some pictures to help assess whether the vehicle is suitable, and for any questions that may come up once they’ve left. If access is suitable and everyone feels confident and comfortable it’s time to take a test drive!

Whether you’re having a demonstration of a rear passenger, upfront, or drive-from WAV, the demonstration driver must be present during the test drive; this could mean that someone may have to stay behind and go on a separate test drive afterwards. For instance, if there are 3 seats in the vehicle including the wheelchair user and 3 people wanting to go on a test drive, someone will have to wait behind and go on a separate test drive with the demonstration driver afterwards.

On the test drive you can go wherever you want and take as long as you need. We recommend you take a route that you frequently travel so you can make the best judgement on whether the vehicle is right for you. It’s also a good idea to try different road surfaces to ensure that you’re comfortable with the vehicle’s suspension and any cabin noise at higher speeds.

When you return from your test drive the demonstration driver will discuss with you how it went, whether the vehicle is suitable or not, as well as other options that may be available to you as they fill in a demo report to give to the Mobility Sales Advisor you booked your demo with once they return to the office.

What happens next is completely up to you; you can request a call back from your contact in the office or you can call when you’re ready after you’ve had a think about how things went. Sometimes, the first vehicle you have seen may not be suitable so it may be necessary to book another demo in a different vehicle that may be more suitable. If the situation arises where nothing in our vehicle range fits your requirements, we will, of course, be more than happy to recommend you another vehicle and company to try that may be able to help.

All Sirus vehicles are available for home demonstration without charge or obligation. Our passenger vehicles are all equipped with manual tie downs so that test drives are always possible. Our independent driver solutions are all also equipped with manual wheelchair tie downs as well as push/pull hand controls, steering ball and dual brake facilities to allow you to test drive in complete safety and comfort.

If you’re interested in booking a demonstration in one of our vehicles please call one of our Mobility Sales Advisors on 0121 505 9492.

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