Sirus Quality Policy Statement

Our quality policy is designed to set a framework around which we can all operate and allow us to deliver products that conform to our customers’ needs and expectations.

We will ensure Sirus is a safe place for our employees to work, we will achieve this by being aware of health and safety requirements and working in compliance with them.

We will ensure that our products are safe for our customers to use, we will test and gain approvals on our designs from national authorities and we will gain and maintain Conformity of Production clearance demonstrating we build in accordance with our approvals.

We recognise that our customers may be vulnerable and require a higher level of customer service, compassion and understanding than an average business customer

It is important to us that our products fully meet customer needs and expectations at the point of delivery, we will implement a Quality Management system in accordance with ISO 9001 to achieve this.

We commit to learn, develop and adopt an attitude of continual improvement as part of our Quality Management System.

The policy shall be reviewed periodically.

Simon Pearson 

Managing Director.

1st June 2023.

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