Travel upfront as a passenger

Travel upfront next to the driver whilst seated in your wheelchair

What does Upfront Passenger WAV stand for?

Upfront Passenger WAV stands for Upfront Passenger Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. They are vehicles that are specially converted so a wheelchair user can travel comfortably in the front of the vehicle. You may also hear this type of conversion referred to as a ‘ride upfront wav’.

How does an Upfront Passenger WAV conversion work?

Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles enable you to travel in the front of the vehicle from the comfort of your wheelchair. You don’t have to worry about transferring to a standard seat and you can enjoy all of the benefits of being about to sit next to the driver.

How does a Upfront Passenger WAV differ to other types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

Most accessible vehicles are designed for the wheelchair user to travel in the rear. That is where Sirus is different. We primarily focus on converting Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for passengers. These include our Sirus Ford Upfront  and our Sirus VW Upfront.

We also convert Drive From Wheelchair, and Internal Transfer vehicles. You will enter the vehicle and manoeuvre your wheelchair so that you are positioned next to the driver as opposed to travelling in the rear. You can then also enjoy having additional rear passengers, so this type of vehicle works very well as a family vehicle.

Is an Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle right for me?

If you cannot transfer from your wheelchair to a standard car seat, or if your carer is struggling to assist you, a WAV Upfront Passenger could be the right solution for you. It is also the perfect solution for couples/friends who want to travel side by side.

How do you enter and exit an Upfront Passenger Vehicle?

You will enter and exit using a ramp. As you will always be travelling with a companion, you can opt for a manual ramp with a manual side sliding door (our Ford Upfront which is side entry) or tailgate (our VW Upfront which is rear entry). Or if you prefer automation and the driver would like to make life a little easier, you can choose an automated ramp and side sliding door/ or automated ramp and tailgate.

Can I drive as well as travel as an upfront passenger?

If you opt for the Ford Drive / Upfront, this conversion is designed to enable you to drive as well as travel upfront as a passenger. You can swap places with your companion at any time due to the seat being able to switch into either position. Find out more about the Sirus Ford Drive / Upfront.

Can people still travel in the rear of the vehicle?

Yes of course. There is space for two rear passengers in the Sirus Ford Drive / Upfront and in the Sirus Ford Upfront there is space for up to five people. In the Sirus VW Upfront there is space for one rear passenger as standard, with the option of fitting up to two tip-up seats, which means you have space for you, plus the driver and three rear passengers.

Why do wheelchair passenger upfront conversions cost more than rear WAV conversions?

All Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles start as a standard vehicle (i.e. Ford Grand Tourneo Connect, VW Caddy Life). We then make a number of significant alterations to the vehicle to allow access. For example with a rear access upfront passenger vehicle, we lower the floor from the back right to the front of the vehicle, so there are more man-hours required for this type of conversion compared to a rear WAV.


How is my wheelchair secured into place?

Most of our customers go for a 4-point manual tie down system which will safely secure your wheelchair into position and is fully crash tested. Alternatively you can consider an automatic wheelchair locking system which will be much easier and quicker for the driver. This option requires a pin to be fitted to the bottom of your wheelchair, so its best to talk this option through with one of our mobility specialists during your demonstration.

What is the best way to fund a Wheelchair Passenger Upfront vehicle?

If you need an upfront WAV but can’t afford the Advance Payment on Motability, Motability (the charity) may provide a grant towards the cost. To find out more visit the Motability website.  If you prefer not to use the Motability Scheme, we offer a wide range of Approved Used Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for sale. Find out more here.  Many of our customers prefer to own the vehicle outright so apply for finance. We work closely with our Partner Evolution WAV Finance, a specialist finance company. Insuring a WAV can often be a complex process due to the conversion and adaptions so it’s always best to work with a specialist company who understands this type of vehicle.

Want to know more about our Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for sale?

At Sirus we have a range of new and Approved Used Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for sale. We can bring our demonstration vehicle out to your home for a free test drive with one of our experienced mobility specialists. We can also bring the Approved Used vehicle you are interested in out to your home. Just speak to our sales team based at head office and we can arrange a time and date to suit you.

For further information you can visit:


Motability – Car lease scheme for disabled drivers and passengers.

Motability Grants – financial help towards the cost of your Advance Payment, adaptations and driving lessons.

RiDC – Research Institute for Disabled Consumer.

Evolution Funding – fund and own your own vehicle with a specialist WAV insurer.


Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

  • caddy 5

    Drive from wheelchair, Internal transfer, Wheelchair passenger upfront

    All New Sirus Caddy 5

    The latest fifth-generation version of the Volkswagen Caddy Life has arrived.
  • drive from wheelchair

    Drive from wheelchair

    Sirus Ford Drive X

    NEW VEHICLE LAUNCH - Our latest drive from wheelchair vehicle is ergonomically designed to create Ford's driving position for optimum vision and comfort. Includes space for up to six people with a multitude of seating options.
  • Ford WAV Internal transfer

    Internal transfer

    Sirus Ford Internal Transfer

    Our Ford internal transfer conversion is designed so you can transfer from your wheelchair to a standard driver seat. Plus if you don't feel like driving, you can travel upfront in your wheelchair.
  • Ford WAV Grand Tourneo Connect

    Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Sirus Ford Upfront

    Our latest upfront passenger wheelchair accessible vehicle is based on Ford's Grand Tourneo Connect. With side entry this conversion is designed to enable you to travel upfront next to the driver, with space for five people.
  • Ford WAV Internal transfer

    Drive from wheelchair, Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Sirus Ford Drive/Upfront

    Our Ford Drive/Upfront is based on the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect and gives you total flexibility. The side access design enables you to drive from your wheelchair or travel upfront next to the driver, with the option to switch places at any time.
  • vw caddy wav wheelchair accessible vehicle rear boot angle in grey in west midlands

    Internal transfer

    Sirus VW Internal Transfer

    The Sirus VW Internal Transfer is the perfect solution for wheelchair users who want to drive yet prefer the comfort of a standard driver’s seat. Our VW Caddy WAV is an extremely popular solution and an alternative to transferring at the roadside.
  • VW Caddy upfront passenger Silver rear angle in west midlands

    Drive from wheelchair

    Sirus VW Drive

    The Sirus VW Drive enables you to drive from the comfort of your wheelchair, eliminating the need to transfer. The rear ramp and tailgate are fully automatic and open at the touch of a button, giving you complete independence.
  • VW Caddy WAV Upfront west midlands

    Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Sirus VW Upfront

    The Sirus VW Upfront is designed so as a wheelchair passenger you can travel upfront next to the driver from the comfort of your wheelchair. An upfront wheelchair accessible vehicle is a much more sociable way of travelling.