Driving From Your Wheelchair

Your questions answered!

What is a Drive From Wheelchair conversion?

The car for wheelchair drivers option enables you to drive whilst remaining in your wheelchair. Your wheelchair is secured safely using an automated wheelchair locking system and the vehicle is fitted with bespoke driving adaptations to suit your exact needs. The tailgate or side sliding door and ramp are fully automated, so it is the perfect solution for independence.

How does this conversion differ to other types of WAV’s?

Many wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV’s) are designed for the wheelchair user to travel as a passenger and the majority are designed for the wheelchair user to travel in the rear. Having a drive from wheelchair vehicle means you can get about independently and as you drive whilst sitting in your wheelchair. Plus you do not have to transfer to a standard driver’s seat.

How do you enter and exit a Drive From Wheelchair vehicle?

All Drive From Wheelchair vehicles are designed with automated entry and exit. The Sirus VW Drive conversion is rear entry and have a fully automated tailgate and ramp. This is powered using a hydraulic system. The Sirus Ford Drive / Upfront has an automated side-sliding door and powered ramp.

What type of wheelchair can be used with a drive from wheelchair vehicle?

You will need to drive from a crash-tested electric wheelchair so that it meets the correct safety standards and can be secured into position. Many different wheelchairs will fit into the driver’s position and our mobility specialist will give you further advice about this over the phone and during your free home demonstration. Before your demonstration, you will be asked to measure your seated head height to ensure you have enough visibility out of the windscreen.

How is the wheelchair secured into place?

To travel independently it will be necessary to use an automatic wheelchair locking system to safely secure your wheelchair in place. This will usually involve fitting a pin or spigot to the underside of your wheelchair that will connect with the docking station on the floor. It is important to remember that fitting one of these to your wheelchair may reduce the ground clearance of your wheelchair. Our mobility specialists will be able to advise you on the most suitable solution to fit your requirements.

Where do I travel when I don’t want to drive?

In the Sirus Ford Drive / Upfront,  the conversion is designed with a flat floor at the front of the vehicle plus interchangeable front seats. So as and when you don’t want to drive, you can swap places to the upfront passenger position. You can even swap places whilst on your journey as the seats can easily be moved into the opposite position.  In the Sirus VW Drive, when you want to travel as a passenger you can travel in the rear. Your wheelchair is secured using manual straps. If you are looking for an Upfront passenger vehicle conversion, we have a number of options available. Read more here.

What adaptations can be fitted to enable me to drive?

Sirus fit a wide range of driving adaptations, from very popular systems such as push/pull hand controls through to high tech options such as electronic gas and brake. Your Sirus mobility specialist will be able to run through all of the available options with you during your vehicle demonstration. Sirus has Motability Preferred Adaptations Supplier status.

Does Sirus have a range of drive from wheelchair vehicles for sale?

Sirus VW Drive

The Sirus VW Drive offers a solution that is rear access, has an automated tailgate and ramp.  Due to the compact size of the VW Caddy Life, it is easier to park than larger WAV’s and is more fuel-efficient. As standard, the vehicle offers space for three people. We can also fit two flip-down seats in the rear giving you space for up to five people.


Sirus Ford Drive / Upfront

The Sirus Ford Drive / Upfront offers a flexible option for wheelchair drivers and upfront passengers with entry through the side-sliding door rather than the rear. Original boot space is retained allowing storage for shopping, additional equipment, assistance dogs and/or the safe storage of valuable items. Original rear seats are also retained that offer improved comfort over aftermarket seats. With regards to parking, the advantage is being able to deploy the ramp straight onto the curbside or pavement, and you do not need to leave space at the rear of the vehicle to enter and exit. The short ramp means you can easily use a disabled parking bay.

Do I need a driving assessment?

Using a Regional Driving Assessment Centre, it is possible to have a driving assessment carried out by an independent professional ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) to identify the most suitable driving controls for you. As the type of controls that you require may affect which vehicles you can choose, it is important to understand your exact requirements before you decide on a particular vehicle type. To locate your nearest Assessment Centre visit www.drivingmobility.org.uk

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

  • VW Caddy 5

    Internal transfer

    New Caddy 5 Sirus VW Internal Transfer

    The latest fifth-generation version of the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life has arrived. Now available as an Internal Transfer solution designed exclusively by Sirus.
  • VW Caddy 5

    Drive from wheelchair, Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Caddy 5 Sirus VW Drive Upfront

    The latest fifth-generation version of the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life has arrived. Now available as a Drive From Wheelchair/Upfront Passenger solution.
  • drive from wheelchair

    Drive from wheelchair

    Sirus Ford Drive X

    NEW VEHICLE LAUNCH - Our latest drive from wheelchair vehicle is ergonomically designed to create Ford's driving position for optimum vision and comfort. Includes space for up to six people with a multitude of seating options.
  • Ford WAV Internal transfer

    Internal transfer

    Sirus Ford Internal Transfer

    Our Ford internal transfer conversion is designed so you can transfer from your wheelchair to a standard driver seat. Plus if you don't feel like driving, you can travel upfront in your wheelchair.
  • Ford WAV Grand Tourneo Connect

    Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Sirus Ford Upfront

    Our latest upfront passenger wheelchair accessible vehicle is based on Ford's Grand Tourneo Connect. With side entry this conversion is designed to enable you to travel upfront next to the driver, with space for five people.
  • Ford WAV Internal transfer

    Drive from wheelchair, Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Sirus Ford Drive/Upfront

    Our Ford Drive/Upfront is based on the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect and gives you total flexibility. The side access design enables you to drive from your wheelchair or travel upfront next to the driver, with the option to switch places at any time.
  • vw caddy wav wheelchair accessible vehicle rear boot angle in grey in west midlands

    Internal transfer

    Sirus VW Internal Transfer (Caddy 4 – Approved Used only)

    The Sirus VW Internal Transfer is the perfect solution for wheelchair users who want to drive yet prefer the comfort of a standard driver’s seat. Our VW Caddy WAV is an extremely popular solution and an alternative to transferring at the roadside.
  • VW Caddy upfront passenger Silver rear angle in west midlands

    Drive from wheelchair

    Sirus VW Drive (Caddy 4 – Approved Used only)

    The Sirus VW Drive enables you to drive from the comfort of your wheelchair, eliminating the need to transfer. The rear ramp and tailgate are fully automatic and open at the touch of a button, giving you complete independence.
  • VW Caddy WAV Upfront west midlands

    Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Sirus VW Upfront (Caddy 4 – Approved Used only)

    The Sirus VW Upfront is designed so as a wheelchair passenger you can travel upfront next to the driver from the comfort of your wheelchair. An upfront wheelchair accessible vehicle is a much more sociable way of travelling.