Seating & Storage

Seat transfer assistance, boot hoists, and rooftop storage solutions for your wheelchair.

  • Seat transfer assistance

    To assist in transferring from your wheelchair to a vehicle seat it is possible to fit an in-vehicle person hoist. This compact system will mount in the vehicle footwell and lift you from your chair, gently and easily then transferring you into the vehicle seat. When not in use it can be detached in seconds and stowed in the boot completely out of the way.

  • Boot hoist

    A popular and proven method for safe and effortless loading and unloading of an electric scooter or wheelchair into your vehicle. If the scooter or wheelchair will fit in the boot space of your vehicle then a hoist will usually work for you.

  • Rooftop storage

    If you use a manual wheelchair but prefer to drive from a standard vehicle seat it can be difficult to dismantle, transfer across and then store your wheelchair independently. Rather than have to do this it is possible to instead opt for a roof top storage system. Similar in appearance to roof mounted storage boxes, a roof top system will tip up electronically and deploy a hoist that will lift and stow your manual folded wheelchair on top of the car. When you reach your destination simply reverse the sequence and transfer back into your chair from the driver seat.

  • Transfer plate

    Transfer plates are ideal solutions for passengers and drivers who need something to bridge the gap if they cannot manage a standing transfer between their wheelchair and vehicle seat – or even if reduced mobility makes getting in and out of a car in one movement a challenge. Discreetly hidden when not in use, transfer plates provide a temporary platform on the outer edge of the seat on which users can pivot and slide into position.