Steering adaptations

Infrared controls to operate the vehicles secondary controls, steering aids, wireless controls.

  • Push/pull hand controls

    One of our most popular adaptations, this device is an ideal solution if you find it difficult to use standard foot pedals to accelerate and brake. Fitted to either the left or right of the steering wheel, the device is pulled towards you to accelerate and pushed away to brake.

    Designed for an automatic gearbox and can if required, feature indicators, horn, dip and main beam functions. In most cases the original controls can still be used with your adaptations in place so other drivers can still use your car.

  • Pedal modifications

    A left foot flip accelerator is suitable if you have limited movement in your right leg. This enables speed control with the left foot while the original accelerator is safely out of the way.

    This can be used as a standard right foot acceleration as and when required.

    Please note, most driving adaptations require an automatic gearbox.

  • Electronic accelerators

    An electronic ring accelerator provides easy acceleration and is aesthetically designed to blend in with your car interior.

    Two options are available, a ring is fitted either over the steering wheel where you push to accelerate, or underneath the steering wheel where you pull to accelerate.