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Fish Insurance – Specialist WAV Insurers

With over 40 years’ experience, Fish offers tailored insurance cover for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, adapted cars, scooters and wheelchairs. They have a team of specially trained staff who can provide you with all of the information about your cover.

Sirus partner with Fish Insurance and are currently providing up to a £500 contribution to your first years insurance* with all new and Approved Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. Find out more here. 

“Some general insurers may quote higher premiums for modified and adapted vehicles, as they may see all modifications as a risk. As a disability Car Insurance specialist, we know that if your car is modified it’s not typically to boost its performance or looks, but to be more functional for you. We also know that disabled drivers may actually represent a lower risk. That’s why it’s important to compare the benefits of specialised disability car insurance cover with standard policies, because you need to make sure the insurer understands your needs and is offering the right cover for you.”

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