WAV Guide: Your Questions Answered

Choosing your first wheelchair accessible car can be a little daunting, so make sure you work with a reputable experienced vehicle conversion company who can give you help and advice on conversion options, adaptations, funding and insurance, as well as providing no obligation home demonstrations and test drives.

What is a wheelchair accessible car?

Commonly known as ‘WAV’s’, they are referred to as ‘vehicles’ as opposed to cars because most WAV conversions are derived from commercial vehicles (i.e. VW Caddy Life, Ford Tourneo Connect etc.) This is due to the fact a minimum height is required to allow you to enter and/or comfortably travel in the vehicle in your wheelchair whilst maintaining good visibility and comfort. Other variation may include WAV vehicles or WAV cars.

Have you thought about where you would like to sit?

Sirus Automotive specialise in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles where you sit upfront in the passenger position, drive from your wheelchair, or transfer from wheelchair to a standard driver’s seat. We also carry out adaptations to standard cars which are designed to assist with getting in and out, driving, and lifting/stowing a wheelchair.

What is the process for converting a WAV?

The vehicle is purchased from the manufacturer (i.e. VW, Ford) and the conversion is carried out in the factory in the UK.  Once complete, any bespoke adaptations will be fitted to suit your individual needs.

Once I have ordered my new car, how long will it take for my vehicle to be delivered?

We order the vehicle from VW or Ford which could take 16-20 weeks to be delivered to Sirus*.  The conversion takes 2-4 weeks, we then fit any additional adaptations you require. Read more about the process here. 

If you are open to the colour or specification of your new vehicle, we often have vehicles in stock, please ask us for further details. Alternatively, opt for an Approved Used vehicle that can be delivered to you in just 1-2 weeks (depending on adaptations).

*Timescales may differ due to current supply issues.

How can I ensure I am getting a high-quality conversion?

Sirus will design the conversion in-house and from start to finish. We use the latest technology to ensure the conversion integrates with the original vehicle, creating a from-factory finish.

Why do WAVs cost more than unconverted vehicles?

You will find the cost of a wheelchair accessible car is higher than a standard unconverted vehicle due to the conversion process. Sirus conversions have a fully lowered floor (to give you maximum interior headroom) and exceptional build quality.

Who will fit my additional adaptations and how is my wheelchair secured?

We fit bespoke adaptations to wheelchair accessible vehicles to assist both drivers and passengers. To transport your wheelchair your conversion company will fit either manual tie-down straps  (for assisted travel) or a fully automated locking system (required for independent driving) so you can drive or travel as a passenger safely and securely.

What is the best way to fund my vehicle?

We can give you advice throughout the whole process including information on funding options. We find most of our customers opt to use the Motability Scheme. Other apply to the government-funded Access to Work and some prefer a personal loan, so will apply for specialised WAV Finance.

Are the vehicles tested after they have been converted?

All conversion companies have to have certification on their converted vehicles. Our WAV cars are tested to the highest standard and have National Small Series Type Approval or Individual Vehicle Approval. All Sirus vehicles are PAS Approved and met all of the requirements of the PAS Accreditation for M1 wheelchair accessible cars.

What aftersales service should I expect?

You can except any good conversion company to provide a 3-5 year warranty and service on a new vehicle conversion (you will also receive a standard manufacturer warranty). Sirus also has a team of engineers who come directly to your home should you require assistance and to carry out an annual conversion service.

Can I request a home demonstration?

Sirus offer free home demonstrations and our mobility specialists are trained to offer a smooth and hassle-free experience. We providing you with sound advice and solutions to suit your specific needs.

Do you include free delivery?

Yes. Upon completion, we deliver your new vehicle directly to your door. During your handover, we will show you how to use all of the features and adaptations so that you can confidently enjoy your new Sirus car.

Questions to ask yourself before you proceed:

  • Does the company have a good reputation, with knowledge and experience within their field?
  • Does the company offer no pressure home demonstrations with experienced mobility advisors?
  • Is the product quality of a very high standard? You can have as many home demonstrations as you need, plus Sirus will welcome you to our premises to check out our workshop and meet the team.
  • Have you checked out the service and warranty? Find out what is covered and make sure they have mobile engineers who can come out to your home should you need assistance.
  • Does the conversion company also fit adaptations? It makes life easier if you can deal with one supplier.

Questions to consider during your demonstration:

  • Is there space to park the car at home?
  • Is there enough room for the car to operate? (e.g. for the ramp to lower)
  • Is there enough room to comfortably manoeuvre your wheelchair into position?
  • Is there enough storage space for any equipment you need to carry?
  • Are there enough seats for the people you usually travel with?
  • When you go out to work or shopping, are there size or height restrictions?
  • Is the car fuel efficient? Have you worked out your fuel costs?
  • How is your eye level and visibility, particularly if you are a driver?
  • Do you feel comfortable when positioned in the car?

Wheelchair Accessible Cars

  • VW Caddy wav

    Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Caddy 5 Sirus VW Upfront

    The latest fifth-generation Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life has arrived. Now available as a Upfront Passenger solution.
  • VW Caddy wav

    Internal transfer

    New Caddy 5 Sirus VW Internal Transfer

    The latest fifth-generation version of the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life has arrived. Now available as an Internal Transfer solution designed exclusively by Sirus.
  • VW Caddy wav

    Drive from wheelchair, Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Caddy 5 Sirus VW Drive/Upfront

    The latest fifth-generation Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life has arrived. Now available as a Drive From Wheelchair/Upfront Passenger solution.
  • drive from wheelchair

    Drive from wheelchair

    Sirus Ford Drive X

    Our latest drive from wheelchair vehicle is ergonomically designed to create Ford's driving position for optimum vision and comfort. Includes space for up to six people with a multitude of seating options.
  • Ford WAV Internal transfer

    Internal transfer

    Sirus Ford Internal Transfer

    Our Ford internal transfer conversion is designed so you can transfer from your wheelchair to a standard driver seat. Plus if you don't feel like driving, you can travel upfront in your wheelchair.
  • Ford WAV Grand Tourneo Connect

    Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Sirus Ford Upfront

    Our latest upfront passenger wheelchair accessible vehicle is based on Ford's Grand Tourneo Connect. With side entry this conversion is designed to enable you to travel upfront next to the driver, with space for five people.
  • Ford WAV Internal transfer

    Drive from wheelchair, Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Sirus Ford Drive/Upfront

    Our Ford Drive/Upfront is based on the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect and gives you total flexibility. The side access design enables you to drive from your wheelchair or travel upfront next to the driver, with the option to switch places at any time.
  • vw caddy wav wheelchair accessible vehicle rear boot angle in grey in west midlands

    Internal transfer

    Sirus VW Internal Transfer (Caddy 4 – Approved Used only)

    The Sirus VW Internal Transfer is the perfect solution for wheelchair users who want to drive yet prefer the comfort of a standard driver’s seat. Our VW Caddy WAV is an extremely popular solution and an alternative to transferring at the roadside.
  • VW Caddy upfront passenger Silver rear angle in west midlands

    Drive from wheelchair

    Sirus VW Drive (Caddy 4 – Approved Used only)

    The Sirus VW Drive enables you to drive from the comfort of your wheelchair, eliminating the need to transfer. The rear ramp and tailgate are fully automatic and open at the touch of a button, giving you complete independence.
  • VW Caddy WAV Upfront west midlands

    Wheelchair passenger upfront

    Sirus VW Upfront (Caddy 4 – Approved Used only)

    The Sirus VW Upfront is designed so as a wheelchair passenger you can travel upfront next to the driver from the comfort of your wheelchair. An upfront wheelchair accessible vehicle is a much more sociable way of travelling.