General adaptations

An additional range of helpful options, including handbrake and gear lever modifications, electric hatch opener, and side step.

  • Handbrake modifications

    If you have limited hand movement and struggle to operate a handbrake, we can fit an easy release handbrake adaptation which will reduce the effort required to operate it.

    An electronic parking brake is another option whereby a small actuator is placed under the lever in conjunction with a switch fitted to the dash, which when pressed will electronically apply the brake.

  • Easy release gearshift

    Designed for drivers with limited hand function, this easy release gearshift reduces the amount of grip required to move the gearshift and eliminates the requirements to depress the button with your fingers on an automatic vehicle. Simply rotate the handle to engage the gearshift button then move forwards or backwards to select the required gear position. Please note, easy release adaptations are not possible on all vehicles. Please ask us for more information and alternative gear lever options.

  • Electronic hatch opener

    This adaptation opens and closes your boot by simply pressing a button either on the dash or the boot. An under-bumper sensor is available as an optional extra on selected cars. Additional features include anti-crush protection and adjustable maximum opening height should you keep the vehicle in the garage.

  • Side step

    Depending on your requirements we can install a range of manual and electric steps. Offering simple, fast and secure operation, all versions have non-slip surfaces and are resistant to corrosion.