General adaptations

An additional range of helpful options, including reversing camera and monitor, parking sensors

  • Pedal Modifications

    A simple and cost effective solution for people with limited leg movement; there are a wide variety of vehicle adaptations that can be used to overcome problems with pedal restrictions. From bespoke alterations to your pedals or a simple change to a left foot accelerator, enabling the driver to operate the throttle with the left foot while the original accelerator pedal is safely out of the way. Designed to be easily removed or flipped up to allow standard right foot acceleration when required.

  • Parking Sensors

    Parking sensors enable you to park safely in small spaces without worrying about bumping into things. The system is designed in order to alert you of various parked cars and other objects, such as low walls. Parking sensors can be particularly useful if you have difficulty turning to see behind you. Can assist both reversing and forward parking.

  • Electric hatch opener

    The BAS Electric Hatch Opener opens and closes your boot by simply pressing a button and provides additional security and value to your mobility vehicle.  This ultra-reliable system does not reduce boot storage space. All hatch openers come with a dash mounted switch and a rear mounted boot switch and an under bumper sensor is available as an optional extra on selected vehicles. Additional features include anti crush protection and adjustable maximum opening height, should you keep the vehicle in the garage.