Driving Adaptations

Pedal modification

A simple and cost effective solution for people with limited leg movement; there are a wide variety of vehicle adaptations that can be used to overcome problems with pedal restrictions. From bespoke alterations to your pedals or a simple change to a left foot accelerator, enabling the driver to operate the throttle with the left foot while the original accelerator pedal is safely out of the way. Designed to be easily removed or flipped up to allow standard right foot acceleration when required.


Hand controls

If you have limited leg function, mechanical push/pull hand controls are an ideal and inexpensive solution. Fitted to either the left or right of the steering wheel within easy reach, the device is pulled back to accelerate and pushed forward to apply the brake enabling a smooth and effortless operation of the foot pedals without using your legs. The systems are designed primarily for vehicles fitted with an automatic gearbox and can if required feature indicators, horn, dip and main beam functions.


Electronic Accelerators

With the same function as the Push/Pull accelerator, Electronic Accelerators are considered to be the next generation in advanced adaptations. An electronic ring accelerator provides light non-tiring acceleration and is also designed to blend in with the vehicle standard interior. Two options are available: a ring is fitted either over the steering wheel where you push to accelerate, or underneath the steering wheel for pull to accelerate, both combined with a push brake which automatically cancels the vehicle acceleration.


Clutch systems

If you have a manual mobility vehicle and do not want to change vehicles, it is possible to fit an automatic clutch system – converting a manual gear shift to a semi automatic. A button installed in the gear knob operates the clutch when pressed, giving fingertip control of the pedal and eliminating the use of the left leg to change gear. These are a fantastic solution if you have limited leg function and where an automatic version of a car is not available.


Handbrake modifications

For people with limited hand movement or with reduced finger dexterity, a simple lever can be used to eliminate the need to depress the release button on the handbrake. An electronic parking brake is another option whereby a small actuator is placed under the lever in conjunction with a switch fitted to the dash which when pressed will electronically apply the brake.


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