Case Study

Bethann, West Midlands

“I can still walk, although it is limited, and occasionally I am a bit better and don’t need the chair as much, although other times I am completely reliant on it. In the past, when I was in the stage where I needed the chair, I would withdraw from life because my pain and stamina meant I couldn’t make full use of my chair because I had to take it out of the boot in pieces, struggling to lift out the heavy pieces, put it all together, make sure it’s all right, and then I was so tired I didn’t want to go. To put the chair back, I had to kneel again, take it all apart, and lift it all up and into the boot…. It nearly killed me every time.

Having the boot hoist has changed life for me and my husband… I am so independent now because I can decide ‘do I want to go’ rather than ‘can I go’… My chair takes minutes to load and unload, I don’t have to take it all apart (the only thing I remove are the leg supports), I can do it completely by myself, meaning I don’t have to worry about going places on my own.

My hubby worries so much less, because he knows I will use my chair when I need to, and he knows I won’t be hurt getting the chair in and out of the car. It’s so nice not to have to kneel on the ground to put the chair all back together, or to have to rest fifteen minutes after struggling to get the chair out because that wore me out completely. This is like a miracle: push a button, there’s the chair. Push another button, drive away. I go out a lot more now, to the theatre, to cinema, even just shopping because I can.

The boot hoist does so much more than lift up my chair… it’s lifted me back into the independence I enjoyed before my problems started: I’m back in the world, into activities, into better prospects at work, and my confidence has soared. And, this all happened at a fraction of the cost I thought it would- the hoist was much cheaper than I had been quoted elsewhere. I am completely and thoroughly pleased and can’t foresee life without a Sirus hoist.

The advice I received about what kind of care to buy, what things to consider… everyone at Sirus has been helpful, friendly and knowledgeable: you really feel like you are the most important person in the world to every person you speak to there. Sirus is exceptional. I would be no closer to solving my mobility needs if I hadn’t spoken to them: instead I have the solution which both best meet my needs and which I could afford”.

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