Case Study

“Learning to drive has given me independence and the freedom to live my life”

“I have been driving for over ten years now and I have had my second Motability vehicle which is a drive from wheelchair vehicle for almost 4 and a half years. Learning to drive is probably the single best thing I have ever done as it has given me independence and the freedom to live my life. I have a Sirus Fiat Qubo drive from wheelchair vehicle, where I drive straight in the rear via an automated tailgate and ramp which opens at the push of a button. I then drive straight through in my wheelchair and remain in it to drive, my wheelchair clamps into an automated locking device fixed to the floor.

Driving Adaptations

My driving adaptations which Sirus also fitted include hand controls, electronic handbrake, a push button start and a smaller steering wheel which make it easy for me to drive.  I really enjoy driving and it has meant I can get a good job and enjoy Powerchair Football, a disability sport I both play and coach. The space in the back of my vehicle means I can also fit in my sports chair so there is plenty of room. Sirus can also offer additional adaptations to suit me,  so I had a double fold down seat fitted in the back, for as and when I have extra passengers travelling with me. When I don’t need this, or when i’m taking my sports chair, it just folds away to the side.

Sirus Customer Service 

Sirus are extremely good at what they do and have a huge amount of specialist knowledge when it comes to converting vehicles for disabled drivers and really are specialists in drive from wheelchair solutions. Their after sales care is very good as they always look to resolve problems quickly so I can continue driving”.

David Lewis, Fiat Qubo customer.


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