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Carriage Driver Faye tells us “My Sirus car is my legs! It’s my freedom!”

Faye O’Hara from Halifax has been a Sirus customer for 12 years. Faye is currently driving her second Sirus VW Drive From Wheelchair vehicle with a brand new Sirus VW Caddy currently being adapted. Faye tell us about her Sirus WAV and how driving is an essential part of life rearing horses and competing as a carriage driver.

“I literally use my Sirus car every day – it’s my legs, my freedom and independence and I don’t know what I would do without it! I use my car for everything, it’s an essential part of my life and enables me to go anywhere. I use the Motability Scheme which has been brilliant, they provide funding towards my Advance Payment and driving adaptations. I currently drive with high tech controls installed by Steering Developments called Joysteer.

Accessible taxis are not an option

In 2006 I was in a car accident which caused a spinal injury. After a lengthy period of rehabilitation, in 2009 my dad bought a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle where I sat in the back. I just cried and cried – I felt like I was stuck in the boot on my own. My accident happened while travelling as a passenger, so I really don’t like not being the driver. So that means I also struggle with accessible taxis – plus the fact they are hard to come by, charge double the price and give me no independence.

Carriage driving

Since an early age I was a show jumper. After my accident I decided I couldn’t live without it, I need sport for my mental health. So I decided to rear a horse for carriage driving. Three years later I am now competing against able bodied people. I have three horses and drive around the country for training and competitions. Often I drive up to two hours to get to various riding schools.

 My Sirus car is essential so I can travel around the UK

My plan for the future is to get into motivational speaking in stable yards. I want to demonstrate to people with disabilities and mental health conditions the benefits of riding, focusing on what they can do, not can’t do. To get this up and running my Sirus car is essential so I can travel to various stable yards around the country. I hate having to rely on people, driving from my wheelchair allows me to just get in the car and go!

I have a really good social life because of my car, it feel like my legs. I can’t travel in my friends cars so I would be lost without it. It’s also essential for shopping, the nearest shop is over a mile away so I have to drive.

Travelling upfront as a passenger

I’m so excited about my new Sirus VW Caddy 5 as I will be able to switch from driver to up upfront passenger. I use one arm to drive, so this will help me a lot on long journeys which can get quite tiring – now I can share the driving!

upfront caddy

The service at Sirus has been brilliant. Mani in the aftersales team sorts everything out for me.

 In three words how would you describe your Sirus car? 

It’s my legs!! It’s my freedom!!”

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