Case Study

Graham, Shropshire

“In 1989 I had a stroke on my left side which affected my arm leaving it weak, and my left leg which never returned to proper working order. I had a WAV which was fine until the beginning of 2009 when I found that I was not steady on my crutches, so I started to look for an alternative. I’ve had my Sirus car since the beginning of December 2009. Firstly, I have to say the vehicle is great and those who designed it have taken a lot of care in making the vehicle suitable for the disabled driver. Driving from your wheelchair does not sound easy but I must say I have found it easy. Having seen what happens to the vehicle in the workshop they do a brilliant job; the quality of the workmanship is excellent.  All the staff take pride in what they do. I saw the workshop when I was invited to the Sirus open day when they were presented the Queens Award for Enterprise. It was wonderful to meet the staff face to face, the whole attitude is great, they really do have something special at Sirus. When I’ve spoken to anybody from the factory they all seem keen to hear if there’s anything that can be improved. I would like to personally thank Sirus workers for doing a good job. I haven’t had the car long, but already have done some really long journeys and plan to see as much as I can in my new car!” 

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