Case Study

Mike, West Midlands  

“Spending time with Sirus has been phenomenal. I’ve really enjoyed my experience with them. Having been in the jewellery manufacturing trade myself for a number of years, I love to see how things are made, and I wanted to gain an understanding of the work that goes into the conversion.  In earlier years, when vehicles were adapted to cater for the needs of disabled motorists, it was a case of just doing a job that would get the person mobile, with hardly any thought going into how well the finished conversion looked or blended in with the original vehicles bodywork, interior or exterior. I was most struck by the effort Sirus go to, to make sure any work carried out blends in with the original chassis. Just by using quality materials throughout the conversion, and paying great attention to detail, it is very difficult to tell the conversion work was not carried out as an ‘option’ at the VW factory during the original build. It is good to see such high standards of design and workmanship Sirus go to, to create a very special product.  There is a great atmosphere at Sirus, everyone who works there is really happy and I was made to feel so welcome. That must be down to the fact their conversions give people back their freedom and independence. Thanks to both Sirus and Motability for the service I have received, now l look forward to returning to Sirus for my final fitting and to be able to drive my car away. When I have my car I plan to drive to Ireland and France on holiday, but more importantly just being able to carry out everyday tasks like shopping with ease will be amazing. 



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