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“My wheelchair accessible vehicle has literally changed my life. The difference is phenomenal”

Amy from Surrey tells us about her brand-new Sirus Drive From Wheelchair vehicle, and how in just four days her first wheelchair accessible vehicle has ‘changed her life.’ 

“I absolutely love it! it is like a dream come true. It is so easy to get in and out via the automated ramp, it takes away all the anxiety from going out. I used to dread going out as it caused me so much physical pain. My wheelchair accessible vehicle has literally changed my life in just a few days, the difference is phenomenal. It is also great to know I have the option to switch to upfront wheelchair passenger position if I ever need it and my daughter can drive.

For the first time ever my car has a name! Misty. Because my eyes were very Misty when I found out I was going to get her.

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect 

My previous car was a standard Ford Tourneo Connect with a boot hoist. Ergomobility installed a range of bespoke adaptations so I could stow my wheelchair in the boot. I had to walk using a crutch to the front of the car, which was so painful, I dreaded going out.

This is my third Ford Tourneo Connect, so I love that model. The Sirus conversion feels just like a normal car, the ride and the drive is just as nice. You wouldn’t even know you were in a wheelchair accessible vehicle and what Sirus do is amazing.

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

Driving Adaptations

Misty went from the wonderful Sirus team to Ergomobility. Huge thanks to Ryan and his team for their incredible adaptations, which look just like part of the car – great job! The fantastic Ergomobility fitted a steering ball, pedal extension, seatbelt extender, removed the parcel shelf to create extra headroom, and a holder for my crutches. Ergomobility’s service was amazing, they have been hugely accommodating and cannot do enough for you.

Stering Developments

Stering Developments also installed lightened power steering (50%). This has made a huge difference in terms of reducing the pain in my hands when driving. It used to be so painful to drive with normal steering; having it lightened has made it so much easier. I thought I would need to do twice the turning but that isn’t the case at all. I use it as you would a standard car.

Sirus service 

The Sirus service has been amazing. Gavin has been brilliant, and Scott who carried out my home demonstration. Scott was so lovely on demonstration, he was friendly, and in no way pushy. All of these things are so important to me. He explained  all of the options I could have, including adaptations, and he wrote it all down so I knew what I would need. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and had all the time in the world for me. I knew he had to drive all the way back to Birmingham but he wasn’t rushing off at all.


I cannot thank the people mentioned above enough for such superb work and of course to Motability and Motability Grants for their funding needed to supply me with this amazing car and adaptations.

New lease of life

Now I can drive to the pool to go swimming, yesterday I drove to meet friends who I hadn’t seen for years which was wonderful. Misty will also help me to carry out my role as a health champion for my doctors surgery. I volunteer to help take pressure off GP surgeries. The service includes helping people who are lonely, for example we set up events such as walks. We also offer IT support groups to help people who aren’t confident using the internet / smart phones to download NHS app and access NHS app and order prescriptions.

wheelchair accessible vehicle

Learning to fly with Aerobility

I am learning to fly with Aerobility, a wonderful charity that provides the disabled community with access to the magic and wonder of flight; and I can now drive to the airfield! I did an online course from home then did an experience flight. I applied for a scholarship and I got it! I am so excited, my plan now is to get my Private Pilot’s Licence.


To mark Aerobility’s 30th anniversary I am fundraising for them. My aim is to refer 30 people to take up an actual flight or sign up to the Virtual Aviation Experience course. If you are reading this article and plan to contact Aerobility please can you mention my name?

I am so looking forward to pain free driving and being able to get to my hospital appointments more easily and just being able to get out and about without so much pain and difficulty. It’s been a long wait but so worth the while and I am so blessed. I love Misty!” 

If you would like to help Amy to fundraise, visit her Just Giving page.

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