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Transforming the life of Rupy with our wheelchair accessible vehicles

Sirus Automotive began life in 2004 with a vision to design high-quality, innovative products backed up by unrivalled after-sales service. Two decades later, we have certainly achieved this vision, transforming many lives along the way with our drive from wheelchair vehicle solutions.

In honour of International Women’s Day, we wanted to share a customer story that celebrates a strong, independent woman. Rupy’s story highlights how Sirus has helped her gain even more independence, choice and freedom so she could pursue a successful career that would have been impossible if she didn’t drive.

Helping Rupy gain independence and choice

Rupy, who has been driving for 14 years, has enjoyed having her independence since she first became a Sirus Automotive customer. Rupy, from Sale in Manchester, had her first Drive From Wheelchair in 2010, with her latest Sirus drive from wheelchair vehicle in 2020. When we spoke to Rupy, she explained the challenges her drive from wheelchair vehicles have helped a strong, independent driver liker her solve.

Rupy said: “My family had a WAV that I couldn’t drive. It meant I had to rely on them to take me out or use public transport which often isn’t accessible or takes ages, which means I then struggle to stay out as I need the loo! Driving means I now have independence and choice. I love driving my Volkswagen Caddy WAV! I still pinch myself I can drive; it’s something I can do for myself. When I see people using taxis, I know that my life would be harder. I wouldn’t change it for the world”.

Accessing wheelchair accessible vehicles with Motability

Rupy, a Health Psychologist specialising in disability, healthcare, and mental health, needed a vehicle that could help her travel so she could get out there and talk about psychology and disability. She also regularly visits family living in Birmingham. Rupy, who got married last year, was looking for a flexible solution that could grow with her family. Plus, she enjoys going on holiday which has been made a lot easier since she got her very first Drive From Wheelchair from Sirus. It has also proved invaluable during her five and half years studying to help her travel to Liverpool John Moores University as well as socialise with friends.

After applying for a grant from the Motability Scheme, Rupy placed the order for her first Drive From Wheelchair vehicle with Sirus Automotive and hasn’t looked back. She uses three words to describe her Sirus car: fun, independence and choice. As a strong woman driver, Rupy shared a little more information about her successful career and studies and how it wouldn’t have been possible without driving from her wheelchair.

“I am a trainee health psychologist completing my studies at Liverpool John Moors University. After studying for five and a half years I should qualify in April. I will then be a registered Heath Psychologist. I live in Manchester but when I have to go to university, I travel in my Sirus wheelchair accessible vehicle. Without my WAV I don’t think I would have been able to pursue this career as there are only certain universities in the country that offer this course. My car has enabled me to have a career in a field I am very passionate about.

My course is called a Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology. This means I work throughout my studies. I am currently working as a Psychology Support Lead for Tier 3 Adult Weight Management service. I help adults living with obesity to explore and change their habits in order to lose weight. I am also responsible for helping the practitioners, so I provide training, make sure they are supported and ensure they can deliver their sessions to a high standard. Without my Drive From Wheelchair vehicle, I would not be able to travel to work, it’s not just getting me from A to B, its changed my life.”

Driving adaptations

The vehicle was adapted to Rupy’s  exact needs so she can drive. Vehicle adaptations include;

  • High tech Paravan joystick control
  • An LED panel to control the windows, handbrake and start the vehicle
  • Bleeper button
  • Control for the brakes and radio (sticks on buttons to turn the radio on)
  • Automated wheelchair locking system

Sirus aftersales service

“The Sirus service has been exceptional. The whole team has been extremely friendly and helpful. They really cheer you on and want the very best outcome for you. They are super helpful and take the time to go through all the options with you when you are choosing a drive from wheelchair vehicle. I am very grateful for their support and cannot recommend them enough to anyone thinking about purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle either outright or through the Motability Scheme”.

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 As a leading provider of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), Sirus Automotive offers a unique range of mobility vehicles that includes solutions for disabled drivers, upfront and rear wheelchair passengers looking for freedom, independence and social inclusion.

At Sirus, we provide a range of wheelchair accessible vehicles, including brand-new vehicles such as the latest Ford WAV for drivers and upfront passengers, Dacia Jogger rear wheelchair passenger, as well as a wide variety of used WAV options.

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