Team insights – meet Tegan from our adaptations team

Meet Tegan Woods, Motability Specialist who joined Sirus in August 2022.

Tell us about your role at Sirus?

“I work in the sales department on the adaptation team as an apprentice. My role is to take customers enquiries about adaptations. I provide the advice and information that a customer requires in order to choose the adaptations that is suitable for them. I assist Motability customers throughout their process of receiving a Motability car by communicating with dealerships, check the compatibility between a car and the adaptations a customer has requested, arrange demonstrations, bookings and transport for customers who need adaptations and ensure that a customer will have improved their driving experience through the adaptations that they have had fitted.

Tell us about your previous experience?

I have recently left school with all my GCSE’s. I came into this role with limited experience as I had only previously worked part-time roles as a waitress, a teacher of my own dance class and a receptionist. These all gave me experience in communicating with customers face-to-face. This gave me the confidence to work full-time within customers service and allowed me to know the basic skills I need to communicate with customers effectively.

How have you found working at Sirus?

I have found working at Sirus an enjoyable experience. It has taught me many lessons in a short amount of time, not only about my role but lessons I will use within day-to-day life too. I enjoy working with the team as it gives me the confidence to carry out my role. At Sirus, employees get the recognition they deserve from colleagues and customers, which makes up for the challenging days!

What is the best thing about working at Sirus?

The best thing about working at Sirus, is the people you get to work with. I enjoy the company of my colleagues which makes my job easier. We are like a family at Sirus, and everyone is very supportive of one another”.