A guide to car adaptations for standard cars & WAVs

In our latest blog, we explore the wide range of car adaptations installed by Sirus Automotive. Whether you have a standard car or wheelchair accessible vehicle, we offer adaptations to our customers to assist with specific mobility requirements. From a simple transfer plate to electronic accelerators, we have solutions for drivers and passengers. Read on to find out more.

What car adaptations do you offer for speed control?

We offer a number of car adaptations for speed control.

  • Push/pull hand controls: One of our most popular car adaptations, this device is an ideal solution if you find it difficult to use standard foot pedals to accelerate and brake. Fitted to either the left or right of the steering wheel, the device is pulled towards you to accelerate and pushed away to brake. Designed for an automatic gearbox and can if required, feature indicators, horn, dip, and main beam functions. In most cases, the original controls can still be used with your adaptations in place so other drivers can still use your car.
  • Pedal modifications: A left foot flip accelerator is suitable if you have limited movement in your right leg. This enables speed control with the left foot while the original accelerator is safely out of the way. This can be used as a standard right foot acceleration as and when required.

car adaptations

  • Electronic accelerators: An electronic ring accelerator provides easy acceleration and is aesthetically designed to blend in with your car interior. Two options are available, a ring is fitted either over the steering wheel where you push to accelerate or underneath the steering wheel where you pull to accelerate.


electronic accelerator

What car adaptations can be made to assist steering?

At Sirus we are able to offer our customers a range of steering adaptations for Wheelchair Accessible Cars or standard cars.

  • Steering aids – These devices are designed to aid one-handed steering and are fitted directly to the steering wheel enabling easy operation. Available in various shapes and sizes and customisable grips including a steering ball, a glove, or peg fitting. They are also available with an optional quick-release mechanism for easy removal. A steering aid can be used in conjunction with hand controls or on its own.

steering aids

  • Infrared system allows you to operate up to 13 of the cars secondary controls such as indicators, wipers, horn and lights. A handset fitted with a steering aid is mounted to the steering wheel enabling fingertip operation of the car’s secondary functions. These devices prove especially useful when steering the car with one hand. They are fitted with a quick release mechanism allowing the controls to be removed easily if necessary.

car adaptations

What adaptations can help me to get in and out of my car?

we offer a wide range depending on you or your passengers mobility requirements.

  • Transfer plate: If you are struggling to transfer to a car seat, this simple and cost-effective solution provides a surface between your wheelchair and your car seat.
  • Side step: Depending on your requirements we can install a range of manual and electric steps to assist the driver or passenger.
  • Person hoist: To assist in transferring from your wheelchair to a car seat another popular option is an in-car person hoist. This compact system is permanently mounted into the car with three sections that clip together and form a frame and a specially designed canvas sling seat.
  • Swivel seats: Swivel seats are designed to give you easier access to your car seat. The entire seat comes out of the car lowers to a suitable position for transfer to or from a wheelchair.

car adaptations

What options are available to stow my wheelchair or scooter?

  • Rooftop stowage systems: A rooftop stowage unit allows you to store a folded, lightweight manual wheelchair in a box on the roof of your car.
  • Boot hoists: A popular and proven method for safe and effective loading and unloading of a scooter or wheelchair into your car. There are a number of variants available according to the weight of your wheelchair/scooter. This includes light weight (30-40kg), medium weight (40-80kg) or heavy weight (100-200kg).

transfer plate

Read more in our car adaptations section. Many of our adaptations are available on the Motability Scheme.

If you’re looking for used wheelchair accessible vehicles, Ford wheelchair accessible cars or wheelchair car adaptations and would like any further information about Sirus, please call our sales office on 0121 505 7777 or email sales@sirusautomotive.co.uk.