Car Adaptations – Your Guide to Driving Adaptations

Car Adaptations for drivers and passengers can make travelling easier and more comfortable. Sirus fit a wide range of adaptations and can design bespoke solutions to suit your individual requirements.

With the addition of car adaptions, you can continue to enjoy the freedom of motoring. Our useful guide gives you help and advice on the mobility solutions available. Most car adaptations will fall into three categories – to help you drive, to help you stow your wheelchair or scooter and to help you get in and out of your car. In this blog, we focus on driving adaptations. You can also read more on our adaptations section of the website.

Car Adaptations – Where to Start…

If you are thinking about a new car, it is always best to talk to your adaptations company first so they can recommend which cars will work best with your chosen adaptations. If you are going to use the Motability Scheme, currently 150 of the most popular adaptations can be fitted to your new Motability Scheme car at no extra cost if you order the adaptations at the same time as your car with your dealer. Your Motability Scheme dealer will work with Sirus to ensure that your brand-new car is fitted with the adaptations you need before it’s delivered to you.

Selecting an Adaptations Supplier

Ensure you select an adaptations company who offer free home demonstrations with fully trained mobility specialists. You should also consider you may need bespoke adaptations, so an experienced reputable company is essential. Sirus is a Motability Preferred Adaptations Partner which is always preferable.

Popular Car Adaptations


Push/Pull Hand Controls

One of our most popular adaptations, this device is a great option if you find it difficult to use standard foot pedals to accelerate and brake. Fitted to either the left or right of the steering wheel, the device is pulled towards you to accelerate and pushed away to brake. Designed primarily for an automatic gearbox and can if required feature indicators, horn, dip and main beam functions.

Electronic Accelerators

Electronic accelerators are considered to be the next generation in advanced driving adaptations and require less effort than push-pull hand controls. An electronic ring accelerator provides easy acceleration and is aesthetically designed to blend in with your car interior. Two options are available, a ring is fitted either over the steering wheel where you push to accelerate or underneath the steering wheel where you pull to accelerate. Both are combined with a push brake which automatically cancels the car acceleration.

Pedal Modifications

We can fit a range of bespoke alterations to your pedals such as pedal extensions. One of our most popular adaptations is a left foot flip accelerator, a simple and cost-effective solution if you have limited movement in your right leg and cannot use the standard accelerator comfortably. This will allow you to control the speed with your left foot while the original accelerator is safely out of the way. This can be used as a standard right foot acceleration as and when required.

Clutch Systems

If you have a manual car it is possible to fit an automatic clutch system which converts a manual gear shift to a semi-automatic. A button installed in the gear knob operates the clutch when pressed, giving fingertip control of the pedal and eliminating the use of the left leg to change gear. A fantastic solution if you have limited leg function.

Handbrake Modifications

If you have limited hand movement and struggle to operate a handbrake, we can fit an easy release handbrake adaptation which will reduce the effort required to operate it. An electronic parking brake is another option whereby a small actuator is placed under the lever in conjunction with a switch fitted to the dash, which when pressed will electronically apply the brake.

Infrared Controls

An infrared system allows you to operate up to 18 of the cars secondary controls such as indicators, wipers, horn and lights. A handset fitted with a steering aid is mounted to the steering wheel enabling fingertip operation of the car’s secondary functions. These devices prove especially useful when steering the car with one hand. They are fitted with a quick-release mechanism allowing the controls to be removed easily if necessary.

 Steering Aids

These devices are designed to aid one-handed steering and are fitted directly to the steering wheel enabling easy operation. Available in various shapes and sizes and customisable grips including a steering ball, a glove or peg fitting. They are also available with an optional quick-release mechanism for easy removal. A steering aid can be used in conjunction with hand controls or on its own. Read more about our steering aids.

Cruise Control

This adaptation allows drivers to keep your car at a set speed without the need to keep your foot on the accelerator, regardless of the road gradient. This is the perfect solution if you travel long journeys and will reduce the strain on your right foot.

To find out more you can visit our adaptations page, or download Motability’s guide to car adaptations.