Car Adaptations – Your Guide to Rooftop Boxes and Boot Hoists

If you are struggling with lifting your wheelchair or scooter into your car, we can fit a range of adaptations such as boot hoists or rooftop stowage systems.

Our car adaptations such as boot hoists and rooftop boxes are available on the Motability Scheme.

Currently, there are currently 150 car adaptations available at no extra cost to you if you order the adaptations at the same time as your car with your dealer. Your Motability car dealership will talk directly with Sirus so we can make sure your brand-new car is fitted with the Motability car adaptations you need before it’s delivered to you.

Already have a car? Don’t worry, our expert mobility specialists can help you with the right solution.

Boot Hoist and Root Top Systems


Rooftop Stowage Systems

Also known as rooftop boxes, a rooftop stowage unit allows you to store a folded, lightweight manual wheelchair in a box on the roof of your car. An electric hoist lifts the folded wheelchair from the ground and then manoeuvres it into the rooftop box. When you reach your destination simply reverse the sequence and transfer back into your chair from the driver seat.

Boot Hoists

A popular and proven method for safe and effective loading and unloading of a scooter or wheelchair into your car. There are a number of variants available according to the weight of your wheelchair/scooter:

Light Weight (30-40kg)

This hoist can be used in most cars. A small foldable arm lifts manual wheelchairs and some smaller mobility scooters safely in and out of your car.

 Medium Weight (40-80kg)

The most popular type of hoist available, this is used to lift medium weight mobility scooters and wheelchairs. This hoist is used for most estate and small MPV’s.

 Heavy Weight (100-200kg)

Designed for lifting heavyweight powered wheelchairs and large mobility scooters in and out of your car. Again this hoist is used mainly with estates cars and MPV’s.

Find out more on our adaptations products page.

Would you prefer to transfer inside your vehicle?  If so, check out our internal transfer wheelchair accessible vehicles, where your wheelchair is safely secured inside the vehicle without the need to dismantle it.