Bespoke Safety Screens for Cars, WAV’s and Vans

Our experienced adaptations engineers at Sirus can design and fit bespoke safety screens to your wheelchair accessible vehicle, standard car or van.


These popular screens made from perspex can be fitted to ensure safety when driving and the screen will shield the driver if a passenger tends to lash out. We can design bespoke solutions for all sizes, from small cars to larger vans. You can read more about our adaptations here.

safety screens

Safety Screens – Our Bespoke Designs

Our expert adaptation engineers make the bespoke screens from a steel frame, 10mm perspex and plywood. The steel frame is fabricated to fit and bolted to the B post and the plywood is attached to the back of the seat.  Once complete, it is painted and trimmed with felt to give your adaptation a high-quality finish.

Protection Against Covid-19

We have been asked on several occasions if the screen protects from Covid-19 (for community transport vehicles, taxis etc). The framework does not quite cover the whole of the area, therefore the screen will provide a partial barrier to assist with protection.

Due to the amount of work that goes into the adaptation, your car will need to remain at Sirus for approximately five days.

Our Factory

Sirus are based in the West Midlands. Our 25,000sq ft factory in Wednesbury is where we carry out all of our vehicle conversions and adaptations. Our team of experienced engineers can create a range of bespoke adaptations. Many of our adaptations are available through the Motability Scheme, or you can opt to purchase privately. To find out more about our adaptations service, speak to one of our experienced mobility specialists or visit our adaptations page.

If you would like to find out more, please call our adaptations team on 0121 505 7777 for a quote. Alternatively, you can email us on and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.