Eco-Friendly Features of our Dacia Wheelchair Accessible Car

When choosing your next wheelchair accessible car, you may be interested in its eco-friendly features. If you are conscious about sustainability, you will want peace of mind that the WAV you choose is kinder to the planet.

As a WAV specialist, Sirus offers a range of new and used wheelchair accessible vehicles. Two of our most popular mobility vehicles are the award winning Dacia Jogger Expression and the Dacia Jogger Extreme, and both have some great features for the eco-friendly driver. Let’s examine each car and its features more closely to find out the benefits.

dacia jogger wheelchair accessible car

Features of the Dacia Jogger

Our Dacia Jogger wheelchair accessible car features a small TCe 110 engine, which can help you reduce fuel consumption, which is kinder to the environment and can also save money on fuel.

Compact, stylish and economical, the Dacia Jogger features an aerodynamic design that minimises air resistance. Every curve and panel on the car has been engineered to glide through the air more smoothly and with less resistance. This, combined with the car’s lightweight construction, helps enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

It is also important to note that Dacia is committed to environmental sustainability. They ensure the use of recycled materials in their manufacturing process to help reduce waste and lower their impact on the environment by producing new materials.

Other eco-friendly features of the Dacia Jogger Expression and Extreme

Both the Expression and the Extreme models of the Dacia Jogger have the following eco-friendly features:

  • Up to 48.7 MPG (as stated by the manufacturer pre-conversion)
  • Emissions: Co2 – (g/km) – 130
  • Euro 6 emission control standard
  • Eco mode to help maximise fuel efficiency and minimise emissions
  • Eco start-stop to help reduce emissions in high traffic zones

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We are asked often about electric wheelchair accessible vehicles. Please rest assured our R&D team are doing everything they can to find a solution for hybrid and EVs. The current conversion process involves lowering the vehicle floor in order to create enough internal headroom for wheelchair users to travel comfortably. We will keep you informed of our progress.

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