Rear or side entry…which Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is right for you?

Rear or side entry Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle – which is right for you? We recently asked this question on social media and had a really interesting response.

Many people have a strong preference for entering and exiting a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, one of the most important features of any conversion. Getting in and out with ease (and of course parking) can be the difference between the success and failure of new or Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, so before you decide, consider what is right for you.

Here is some feedback from our Facebook friends…

  1. Rear seats

“Definitely more drawn to side entry, still allows a flat boot, can travel up front without compromise, have the comfort of back seats and have a tow bar.”  Vicky

As Vicky describes, if you opt for a side entry WAV you can still use the OEM boot and tow bar as the rear of the vehicle isn’t converted. Our Ford WAV cars including the Ford Drive/Upfront, Ford Upfront and Ford Internal Transfer all include a spacious boot. Without the need for a channel to manoeuvre from the rear to the front of the vehicle, you will benefit from comfortable rear seats and can transport up to five people.  Find out more about our popular Ford Wheelchair Accessible cars.

Ford wav

  1. Boot space

“We’ve had both styles of WAV. Definitely prefer side entry as it gives secure boot space for all luggage and having the wheelchair passenger up front is much preferred. The wheelchair passenger can see everything and hear conversations.” Christine

 The Ford side entry conversions ensure you can still use the boot space for luggage and equipment. We also tested out the popular hoist, the Molift which fits perfectly in the boot of the Ford Connect.

used wavused wheelchair accessible vehicles

  1. Parking bays

“Two years ago I got my first (rear entry) WAV, it is good in a singular bay parking when disabled bays are full, but I do see a big advantage to side entry for on-street parking bays”. Jamil

Our VW Caddy WAV is rear entry and is ideal for parking in car parks, especially if all of the Blue Badge bays are busy – you can park in any space without the fear of getting blocked in.

vw caddy wav


4. On-street parking

 “It will always be rear entry for me. The reason for this choice is that despite it being 40 years now since I passed my test, I am still rubbish at on-street parking, I would never get close enough to the kerb for a side entry ramp to work!”. Jo

To get in and out of the Volkswagen Caddy WAV, you open and close the fully automated rear tailgate and ramp with your key fob. You can open it as you approach, so if it is raining you can go straight into your WAV, or use the tailgate to shelter!

vw caddy wav


 5. Ramp length 

“The Ford Drive/Upfront has a very short ramp, so even though it is ideal for on-street parking, I can also park in a Blue Badge bay and still have space to turn”. Niamh.

We have expertly designed the vehicle with the shortest ramp possible (just 70cm in length). This means you can use a Blue Badge parking bay.

used wav

6. Interior space

“I have a large wheelchair, so struggled with the side entry. I decided on a rear entry vehicle.” Barbi.

The Maximum seated head height in our Ford Drive/Upfront vehicle is 147cm / 58” which does offer a good level of space inside. However, if you aren’t comfortable turning inside the vehicle, a larger rear entry vehicle may be more suitable. Our latest Drive From Wheelchair, the Ford Custom is our largest conversion to date. The maximum seated head height – is 1500cm / 59” and there is space for up to six people. We have a range of new and Approved Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in stock.

used wheelchair accessible vehicles


See for yourself and book a free home demonstration

Contact Sirus to find out more about our upfront passenger, drive from wheelchair and internal transfer vehicles and arrange a free home demonstration.

Our wheelchair accessible vehicles are available on the Motability Scheme or if you need a vehicle asap, a Sirus Approved Used WAV may be the right option for you. Used wheelchair accessible vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to the lead time, you can have a vehicle delivered to your door in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Happy motoring!