Team Insights: Meet Taylor “I have never felt so at home”

Meet Taylor, our our mobility administor who recently joined Sirus. Taylor tells us about the team at Sirus and how she has felt supported since day one.

How have you found working at Sirus?

I have recently joined the business and I have never felt so at home within a role before. The most welcoming employees made me feel at ease from my first day, and their support so far has been amazing. I have found that my peers have helped me the best they can and helped me settle into my role perfectly.

What is the best thing about working at Sirus?

The best thing about working at Sirus in my opinion is that each day is different. It is a fast-paced environment, so it keeps me focused to get the tasks completed throughout the day, alongside the other team members in the office that are willing to support you and make you laugh!

Tell us about your role at Sirus?

I work as a Mobility Administrator; this means I am looking after the sales orders and various other tasks. I get to speak with our customers, updating their details, preparing their paperwork up until handover of their vehicle”.

Welcome to the team Taylor!