Top tips for your wheelchair accessible vehicle demonstration

It is really important that you test drive any wheelchair accessible vehicle that you are looking to purchase to make sure it meets all of your needs. This checklist will cover some of the things you should consider before you go ahead. You should also think about any changes that may occur in the next few years which could affect the suitability of the wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Home Demonstration

The demonstration is your opportunity to test the wheelchair accessible vehicle in an area that is familiar to you and routes that you would normally take. Please feel free to ask questions, we are happy to spend as much or as little time as you need on the day so that you do not feel rushed. If you think of anything after the demonstration, don’t worry,  you can contact our team at head office who will be happy to help. If you usually travel with a carer or partner, it’s a good idea to invite them along on the day.

Vehicle Size

  • Is there space to park the wheelchair accessible vehicle at home? (Check out our dimensions)
  • Is there enough room for the vehicle to operate? (e.g. for the ramp to lower)
  • Is there enough room to comfortably manoeuvre your wheelchair into position?
  • Is there enough storage space for any equipment you need to carry?
  • Are there enough seats for the people you usually travel with?
  • When you go out to work or shopping, are there size or height restrictions?
  • Is the vehicle fuel efficient? Have you worked out your fuel costs?

Conversion Features

  • Is there sufficient head clearance at the point of entry?
  • How is your eye level and visibility, particularly if you are a driver?
  • Do you feel comfortable when positioned in the wheelchair accessible vehicle?
  • Can you partner/carer comfortably operate the ramp and drive the vehicle?
  • Is the vehicle floor lowered which should give you substantially more headroom?
  • Are you happy with the ground clearance? Take a test drive on a route you would usually take.

Many of our customers use the Motability Scheme. Visit their website for more info on wheelchair accessible vehicles.