Lunch and Learn Sessions: Review and plans for 2020

Read about our Lunch and Learn session held in January 2020. Our Occupational Therapist talked through wheelchair accessible vehicles and adaptions. Look out for further sessions to be held throughout the year.

In January 2020 we held a lunch and learn session at the Radisson Park Inn Hotel in Walsall. We were delighted to welcome Occupational Therapists, Case Managers, and Coventry University lecturers and students from the Occupational Therapy course.  Our CPD session was presented by Occupational Therapist Tracy Winchester.

Clinical Presentation 

The session gave our attendees a great overview of the essential clinical factors to take into consideration when specifying a suitable vehicle for a wheelchair user to drive or travel upfront as a passenger. Tracy also includes hints and tips of the unique features that you need to be aware of when sourcing the best accessible vehicle for your client. If you would like a copy of this presentation, please email ref: ‘January 2020 lunch and learn’.

occupational therapist training

Learning Outcomes

  • Everyone left with an understanding of the physical, cognitive and sensory requirements for driving a wheelchair accessible vehicle or adapted car.
  • The presentation includes a checklist of features and benefits to help you when considering your client’s individual needs.

Wheelchair Training

We were also joined by Invacare dealer, Disable Aids. Our attendees were able to try manoeuvring in and out of a wheelchair accessible vehicle.  Chris talked about the different types of wheelchairs required when driving from a wheelchair and what wheelchair securing systems are required to travel safely.

occupational therapist student

Forthcoming Sessions

With excellent feedback from all attendees, we were asked to run more sessions on car adaptations (steering, driving adaptations, boot hoists, seating solutions), wheelchairs you can drive from and wheelchair locking systems, and finance, such as the Motability Scheme.  We will be running these sessions throughout the year, please check back to this page to find out more.

All of our attendees left with a certificate and supporting literature for future reference.

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