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Sirus Team Expands – Welcome to Gavin – Our Mobility Vehicle Specialist

The Sirus team is growing! We would like to welcome Gavin Greenaway to the team.  Gavin joins our team of mobility vehicle specialists, based at our head office in the West Midlands.

“My name is Gavin, I’ve been with Sirus from November last year. From my very first day, everyone was so welcoming and helpful. The team are so passionate about what we achieve as a company to benefit others. Working in the motor trade in sales for the last 19 years gave me experience in providing the best possible customer service, building a rapport with each and every customer.


Working at Peugeot alongside Motability for the last 15 years was so rewarding, helping customers with their vehicle needs which created independence. Adapted cars make such a huge impact on people’s lives, its was like putting dreams on driveways.

My role at Sirus as a mobility vehicle specialist is so rewarding. I’m part of a great team who all go above and beyond, are so passionate about their job and will always go that extra mile. It’s like a large family unit and I feel so fortunate to be a part of. I speak to customers giving advice over the phone, book free home demonstrations, give customers advice on Motability and funding options. I am there every step of the way.

Upfront Mobility Vehicles

At Sirus, we sell a range of upfront mobility vehicles. For 15 years now Sirus has focused on upfront passenger, drive from wheelchair and internal transfer conversions, and we are proud to be specialists in this field.  The name Sirus is synonymous with upfront travel, whether you are a disabled driver or passenger.

Car Adaptations

In addition to our range of upfront mobility vehicles, Sirus offer an adaptations service for standard cars. Hugely popular, we provide a wide range of car adaptations including driving adaptations, steering adaptations, seating solutions to help you get in and out of your vehicle and storage systems such as boot hoists and rooftop boxes.

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