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Sirus support Back Up Trust spinal cord injury charity

Every four hours, someone’s life will change forever as a result of a spinal cord injury. Sirus is proud to support Back Up Trust, a charity set up to help people and their families who are affected by spinal cord injury. Their services are led by volunteers who are all affected by spinal cord injury, and they offer support to help people to adjust and live their life to the full. The charity provides a wide range of courses including walking skills, wheelchair skills, getting back to work, mentoring, legal support and support for family members. Back Up Trust is the only charity in the UK that has dedicated services for children and young people with a spinal cord injury.

For more information on Back Up Trust visit their website https://www.backuptrust.org.uk/

How our vehicle conversions and car adaptations can help

Sirus help many people who have suffered a spinal cord injury. Our vehicles are designed to offer various options depending on your capability and personal preference.

  1. Adaptations to your standard vehicle – many customers who can transfer into a standard car seat at the roadside prefer the use of a standard car with adaptations.  we can fit a range of products including push / pull hand controls, steering balls, electronic accelerators as well as solutions to stow your wheelchair.
  2. Internal Transfer – You can transfer from your wheelchair to the OEM driver seat, which is assisted using a powered six-way seat base which moves forwards, backwards, up, down and rotates 90 degrees.  Bespoke driving adaptations are fitted. (Ideal for both manual and powerchair users).
  3. Drive From Wheelchair – This type of conversion eliminates the need for a strenuous or assisted transfer as you remain seated in your wheelchair. The chair is automatically locked down into position securely and diving adaptations are fitted to suit your specific requirements. (Suitable for powerchair users only).

For more information please contact us on T: 0121 505 7777.

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