Steering Adaptation

Infrared controls

An infrared system allows you to operate up to 18 of the disabled vehicles secondary controls such as indicators, wipers, horn, lights, and much more. A handset fitted with a steering aid is mounted to the steering wheel enabling finger tip operation of the vehicles secondary functions. These devices prove especially useful when steering the vehicle with one hand, and are fitted with a release mechanism allowing the controls to be removed quickly and easily if necessary.


Steering Aids

These devices are designed to aid one-handed steering and are fitted directly to the steering wheel enabling you to turn it with ease. Available in various shapes and sizes and customisable grips including a glove or peg fitting. They are also available with an optional quick-release mechanism enabling easy removal for vehicles with different drivers. A steering aid can be used in conjunction with hand controls or on its own.

For more information on steering adaptations please check on our steering adaptations page.


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