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Stock vehicles available for immediate delivery

We know that for many people ordering a new car and choosing each feature or extra is what makes it truly personal. As such, every Sirus car is usually built to order for a customer and to a completely individual specification.

Although this approach allows you complete personalisation, we do also know that sometimes there are factors that mean you need to obtain a vehicle without the associated long lead time waiting for it to be built at the factory, shipped to us and then converted.

A typical order for a new vehicle in an individual specification with optional extras could be anywhere between 12-18 weeks dependent on model and spec chosen. This time includes how long it takes for the manufacturer to schedule, build and ship the car to us, and for us to take it through our conversion process. For most people this isn’t a problem, but from speaking to many customers we know that sometimes they need a vehicle quickly and will be happy to compromise on colour and specification if it means that they can get on the road quicker.

With this is mind, we are very happy to unveil our new service offering a selection of brand new vehicles in a variety of specifications available either for immediate delivery or very short lead times.

Each car is brand new with delivery mileage only, unregistered, and can of course be further customised with additional equipment if you require.

A selection of our current stock offering is now available to view on our website under “NEW STOCK”. A vehicle can be reserved for you following a home demonstration to confirm suitability.

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