Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

UpFront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair accessible vehicles that allow the wheelchair owner to drive and become a passenger are increasingly growing in demand. If you are a wheelchair owner and would rather sit as a passenger or even get behind the wheel yourself improving the overall experience of a ride for you then our range of upfront wheelchair accessible vehicles are perfect.

Why Have An Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

An upfront wheelchair accessible vehicle has many benefits. As the wheelchair can be seated in the front of the car the user can remain seated at all times meaning you do not have to worry about being transferred which requires assistance. A further advantage of having an upfront wheelchair accessible vehicle is that the preferred place to sit in a car is upfront in the passenger seat.

There are various types of passenger conversions that you can get in a WAV. Rear entry is where the WAV opens up from the back with a ramp where you can wheel up to the front passenger seat. There is also side entry where the ramp opens up from the side and is ideal for most manual wheelchairs. The choice of entry for upfront wheelchair accessible vehicles is entirely up to you.

At Sirus Automotive we have a scope of WAV upfront wheelchair accessible vehicles available to be purchased. An upfront wheelchair accessible vehicle has many points of interest to somebody who uses a wheelchair on a regular basis. An upfront wheelchair accessible vehicle gives you the capacity to drive from a wheelchair and you can even sit in the passenger side with no problems.

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