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Save £3000 on Approved Used VW Drive From Wheelchair Vehicles


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For the month of July we are offering a huge £3000 off our range of VW Caddy 4 Drive From Wheelchair Vehicles. PLUS an additional years warranty free of charge – giving you three year RAC warranty and peace of mind. View our current stock here

Our VW Caddy Drive From Wheelchair Vehicles include: 

Conversion Features

The Sirus VW Drive From Wheelchair vehicle has a fully lowered floor throughout. This will ensure excellent visibility for drivers. This compact fuel-efficient vehicle is suitable for taller wheelchair users. The conversion has been designed with exceptional interior space, the width of the conversion is maximised which will accommodate most larger powered wheelchairs.

Rear Entry

Our rear entry drive from wheelchair conversion allows easy access to the driving position. The benefit of rear entry is you can park in a standard parking space and don’t need a Blue Badge bay to get in and out.

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Fully Automated Tailgate and Ramp

To ensure complete independence, this conversion is designed with an automated tailgate and ramp with lowering suspension. As you approach the vehicle, your key fob will open the tailgate and ramp, the suspension will lower so you can safely enter the vehicle using the shallow ramp. Once you are comfortable in the driver position, simply press a button on the dashboard or the key fob and the tailgate and ramp will close and the suspension will rise.

Low, Anti-Slip Ramp

Our automated ramp with lowering suspension is below 11 degrees, ensuring you can enter and exit with ease. The ramp is designed with an anti-slip coating, improving wheel traction in wet weather. The interior floor of the vehicle is also designed with an anti-slip material.

Seating and Storage

As standard, there is one rear passenger seat behind the front passenger. Some vehicles have one or occasionally two fold down seats in the rear, giving you space for up to five people.

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This one time offer is available whilst promotional stock lasts. Offer ends 31st July 2022. 

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