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Zebebee Management sign Sirus resident blogger Kelly

We are delighted to tell you that specialist talent agents Zebedee Management have signed Sirus blogger Kelly Perks-Bevington this week! The inclusive agency specialises in supplying diverse models, actors and performers.

Zebedee Management clients include supermarket giants Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, high fashion retailers such as River Island, Primark, H&M, and Marks and Spencer, not to mention global brands Disney, HSBC and Samsung!

Bringing high-fashion to disability

Kelly has worked in media previously whilst managing her own business as well as being a Director at Kidderminster Harriers Football Club. Kelly said “I am so excited to be joining Zebedee! Zebedee is a fantastic agency who bring high-fashion to disability and are fighting to make mainstream media more accessible…and they are succeeding! I cannot wait to see what the future hold for me”.

Inclusion for all

Zebedee has gone from strength to strength and has appeared in the national press on many occasions. in 2018 River Island chose six children with disabilities to be the new faces of their campaign that celebrates diversity. 

Zebedee Management also signed Vicky Balch, the teenager who lost her right leg after the catastrophic rollercoaster crash at Alton Towers in 2015. She appeared at London Fashion Week and walked the runway for British label Teatum Jones amongst fellow amputees.

Changing attitudes

The Founders of Zebedee, Zoe and Laura said “We hope that the work that Zebedee, its models and the brands we work with, will impact on the wider society in terms of changing attitudes and developing people’s understanding of disability and difference. We are optimistic that this will make for a more caring society and a nicer place for us all to live”. Well done Zoe and Laura! We hope so too.

For more info visit https://www.zebedeemanagement.co.uk/

You can read some of Kellys blogs on the Sirus site.

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