Case Study

“Our ‘ride upfront’ Ford WAV really has made our lives so much easier”

Ian & Jackie Pickford purchased a Sirus Upfront Passenger Ford WAV in September 2021. Jackie had developed Multiple System Atrophy – a very rare condition which now necessitates she uses a wheelchair. 

A very active couple, they wanted to continue getting out and about and visit their home in Devon. They were delighted when they discovered the Sirus Ford Upfront Passenger solution as it meant Jackie could ‘ride upfront’ and they could easily transport all their luggage and equipment.

“Our Sirus Ford WAV gives us a great deal of freedom to continue doing the things we enjoy together – it’s so easy for us to load up, and go!…My only regret is we didn’t buy one six months ago.

Travelling Upfront

Our physiotherapist, knowing us, suggested an upfront passenger WAV.  We’re a very close couple, we have been together for 35 years so of course we enjoy chatting on our journeys. We want to see the same things and enjoy the scenery, if Jackie was in the back, it just wouldn’t be the same.  Furthermore, it was suggested that being able to use Jackie’s electric wheelchair in the car would support her in a far better position than a standard seat.

side entry wheelchair accessible vehicle

Before we discovered Sirus, we drove everywhere in a Range Rover Evoque and Jackie would transfer from her wheelchair. This became increasingly difficult as her condition developed. So we looked for a WAV where she could travel upfront in her wheelchair, but also had space for all of our luggage and equipment.

 Storage and boot space

This element was so important to us – without our Sirus Ford WAV we wouldn’t be able to take all the things we need on our visits to Devon etc. We need space for luggage, groceries, equipment and additional wheelchairs.

wheelchair accessible vehicle

Space for three wheelchairs

We tend to take Jackie’s Salsa Mini (powered wheelchair), a Karma Ergo 115 (manual wheelchair) and a Trekinetic (all terrain wheelchair for getting out and about). We secure them in the vehicle using straps provided by Sirus which take no time at all. Jackie also has a Medimotion medical exercise cycle which also fits nicely in the Ford. The boot we fill with plastic boxes filled with all of the other things we need to take. It’s a huge advantage to have a boot.

Ford WAV storage

Side entry WAV

A side entry vehicle means that on our journey we don’t have to take everything out for Jackie to get in and out, so we can stop off on route. Despite Jackie’s condition we’ve tried to concentrate on what we can do. We want to be able to get in and out of our vehicle whenever and as frequently as we want, with ease.  The simplicity of the powered side entry is perfect, and it looks pretty good too!

side entry WAV

Parking a side entry WAV

With a side entry WAV the parking is fantastic. It really is marvellous to be able to park on the street and not have to worry about space at the rear of the vehicle. When we park in a Blue Badge bay, the lowering suspension and short ramp length enables Jackie to get out easily.

Aftersales service 

We’ve found the Sirus aftersales service excellent. The engineers have been out a couple of times and Laura in the aftersales team is a delight to deal with.

Our car really has made our lives so much easier when out and about. It’s magic! We’re delighted, it’s exactly what we wanted”.

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