Wheelchair Passenger Upfront

If you are a wheelchair user looking for an accessible vehicle, Sirus are the UK’s number one converter of upfront wheelchair accessible vehicles.  Since we began in 2004, we have worked with many people who prefer the comfort, style and inclusion of an upfront passenger vehicle.

The benefits of an upfront passenger wav

You can sit next to the driver.  A much more sociable way to travel, you can sit upfront next to the driver. Chat away on your journey,  control the music and the temperature, and have an all-round better vision. You no longer have to travel in the back. We meet many customers who really struggle with travelling in the rear of a vehicle. Often sitting on the rear axle, it can be an extremely bumpy ride which can be uncomfortable, unsociable and could cause travel sickness. You do not have to transfer.   You can travel safely in your wheelchair without worrying about getting in and out of your wheelchair or transferring at the roadside. Ideal for couples who want to travel side by side. In both of our upfront passenger vehicles, you have ample rear seats. Sirus Ford Upfront comes with five seats as standard.

Don’t take our word for it…

Hear from some of our customers first-hand about what it’s like to travel upfront. Read more on our customer feedback page. “I travel upfront as a passenger which is so much better than being in the back. I can see more out the windows, I don’t feel like I am in a confined space like I did when I travelled in the back of my old wheelchair access car. Also as I am a softly spoken person and struggle with my hearing it is nice to be able to have a conversation with the driver through the journey”. Stephanie. Read more. “Before I came across Sirus I had a WAV where I sat in the back. It was just awful. I wouldn’t even go out of the house unless I had an appointment. I used to suffer from such bad travel sickness as the ride was so bumpy. Even going to the supermarket, if I had a coffee whilst I was out, I was often sick on the way home. Now I have a ride upfront wav, we can literally go anywhere. We go on days out and frequently go to Exmouth and Dartmoor which I can now enjoy”.  Mrs Evans. Read more.  “Its great travelling in the front as opposed to the back as you can have a chat, and even have a sing along! Its much more fun! In a ride upfront wav!” Amy. Read more.

The Motability Scheme

The majority of our customers use the Motability Scheme. Established over 40 years ago, this is the largest scheme for disabled people in Europe. A not-for-profit organisation, it provides help and funding towards upfront passenger vehicles, adaptations, powered wheelchairs and scooters. If you receive Higher Rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) you are entitled to use the scheme. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available on a minimum 5-year lease.

Motability - What's Included

Your agreement includes insurance, breakdown assistance, servicing and maintenance. With any wheelchair accessible vehicle there is an upfront payment which will have to be made, followed by your monthly DLA or PIP.

Motability Grants

You can arrange a demonstration of a Sirus vehicle with one of our mobility specialists and apply for a grant at the same time. We will bring a vehicle out to you and one of our mobility specialists will carry out a demonstration and test drive. We can assist with any help you require on your application.