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Freedom to travel in my Sirus Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

We hear from Amy Wharton, Sirus customer and Powerchair Football player. Amy tells us how easy it is to transport her equipment in her Sirus VW Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

“I play Powerchair Football for West Bromwich Albion Throstles and have done so for the past 10 years.  G5 Sports Services supplied me with my Strike Force Powerchair about 3 years ago and are continuously working with me, helping with repairs and adjustments needed to make sure I am sitting as comfortable as possible while playing.  The Strike Force has really improved my game and the overall standard of Powerchair football in this country.  The chair is immense and I can’t imagine playing in anything different.

Leasing my Upfront WAV from Motability

I travel to and from games/training in my Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle converted by Sirus.  It’s a brand new Upfront WAV of which I’ve only had for a few weeks, after having my old Sirus Upfront WAV which for over 7 years.  After your Motability lease ends (which is usually 5 years, but you can extend) you are required to renew and select a new vehicle.  I chose to stick with the same make and model for my new WAV as it fits all my needs perfectly. I also had a grant from Motability and the team there were so helpful! They helped me through the whole process.

Travelling Safely in my Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

The Sirus VW Upfront is very compact and enables me to travel sitting up front in my everyday powerchair and then have enough room to travel with my mobile hoist and Strike Force at the same time.  Sirus has added extra lockdown points in the back of the vehicle to ensure my Strike Force is secure at all times.

Space For Equipment And Passengers

In addition to football, the Sirus VW Upfront has given me so much freedom to travel without having to worry about not having enough space to take everything I need.  I often travel on short breaks and holidays where it is essential that I take quite a bit of equipment as well as my luggage.  The Upfront Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle has one additional seat for a passenger behind the driver and then also two additional fold-down seats at the back.  This is great for when I’m travelling with friends and family and still gives enough room for myself in my Powerchair, my hoist, shower chair and luggage.

I have often thought about whether a larger vehicle such as the VW Transporter would be better but I’ve never really been keen on having such a big van. In my opinion, the VW Caddy is so compact and spacious that there’s no need for me to have anything different.

Quality Service

G5 and Sirus have always offered quality service, being extremely helpful and informative throughout the order process, follow up and everything in between.  I’ve always got questions to ask in relation to my Strike Force and especially when first ordering the chair as it was essential to get my seating position perfect and as comfortable as possible.  G5 are always more than happy to help and offer great customer service.  Sirus was the same when ordering my WAV,  always friendly and no job is ever too much effort.  There’s always a quick turnaround if any issues ever arise.

Reliable and Convenient

It’s great that G5 and Sirus are now working together to get the best possible product and options for customers that play Powerchair football.  It’s great to have something reliable and convenient in the way of transportation to and from football events, as well as day to day living and social activities”.

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