Case Study

“I cannot explain how wonderful it is sitting upfront, its like having a Rolls Royce”

Mrs Pauline Evans and her Sirus VW Upfront Passenger WAV 

“I’ve had my Sirus VW Upfront Passenger WAV since May 2019 and I simply cannot explain how wonderful it is. To me, it’s like having a Rolls Royce.  I feel like I’m in another world! It is so wonderful to sit in the front next to my husband who is my carer.  I certainly am a ‘front seat driver’ now. I tell him that’s what ladies are for, to keep our husbands in order and under control!

Travel sickness in a rear WAV

Before I came across Sirus I had a WAV where I sat in the back. It was just awful. I wouldn’t even go out of the house unless I had an appointment. I used to suffer from such bad travel sickness as the ride was so bumpy. Even going to the supermarket, if I had a coffee whilst I was out, I was often sick on the way home. One day we went to Dartmoor so I took a travel sickness tablet, which was a disaster as I slept all the way there, felt so sleepy on our short visit and slept all the way home! So I really didn’t get to see anything at all.

Enjoying Life in my Upfront Passenger WAV

Now I have the Sirus VW Upfront we can literally go anywhere, we go on days out and frequently go to Exmouth and Dartmoor which I can now enjoy. Last night we drove to Exeter to see Disney on Ice which was fabulous, I am now really enjoying life and I can sit next to my husband and see out of the window.

VW Caddy Life

My husband is very pleased with the car, he says it handles really well and it a lovely car to clean and we love the colour in the vibrant red. The fuel is very good too. We had parking sensors fitted to the front and rear which helps him and we had an automated tailgate and ramp which makes life so easy. We literally have people stand and watch as we open the back, you wouldn’t believe the number of people it attracts!

The Sirus Service

I have to say all of the people at Sirus have been fabulous. Steve and Rob came to do my home demonstration and they were great. All of the ladies in the office including Lenna and Satty were extremely kind and helpful to me. I really cannot fault the service, we have been so well treated and we are so pleased. Thank you everyone at Sirus! Plus I know if I ever need you, you are just a phone call away”.



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