Car adaptations to help you get back on the road

As well as designing and manufacturing a range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, Sirus Automotive also adapt standard cars.  Our experienced team of engineers design bespoke solutions to suit you. Car adaptations can enable you to get back on the road to continue enjoying the freedom of motoring.

Driving an adapted car  

If you have sustained a spinal injury and are looking to get back on the road, Sirus mobility specialists can help. Many of our customers who can independently transfer to a standard driver’s seat opt for a standard car with adaptations (as opposed to a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle). This is down to personal choice and ability.

We can fit a range of products including steering adaptations (such as push/pull hand controls and steering balls), pedal and clutch modifications, electronic accelerators as well as solutions to stow your wheelchair. Read more about getting back on the road in our blog about returning to drive after spinal cord injury.

steering wheel and car adaptations

Driving a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Depending on your personal choice and ability to transfer from wheelchair to driver’s seat, you may also want to consider a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This solution is designed so you don’t have to dismantle your wheelchair as it is safety secured inside the vehicle. Transfer is assisted using a powered six-way seat which moves forwards, backwards, up, down and rotates 90 degrees. Sirus also install tailored driving adaptations to suit you. Our Ford WAV cars are also available as a Drive From Wheelchair / Upfront passenger solution.

Watch our short video – Susan drives an Internal Transfer WAV and is back on the road after a spinal cord injury. Read her story here.

Back Up Trust

Sirus support spinal injury charity, Back Up. The charity provides a wide range of courses including walking skills, wheelchair skills, getting back to work, mentoring, legal support and support for family members. Find out more about the charity and spinal cord injury and driving.

Sirus offer a range of new and Approved Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. Our VW and Ford Wheelchair Accessible Cars are all available on the Motability Scheme.

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