Dacia Jogger – What Car? Review

Sirus Automotive are now offering a rear passenger Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle based on the Dacia Jogger.

As well as receiving Auto Express Family Car of the Year 2022, What Car? also gives the all-new Dacia Jogger a glowing review.

“The manual gearbox is a joy to use, with its well-defined clutch biting point and a positive action from the gear lever. The brakes are strong and progressive, which is just as well on a car that’s likely to be carrying your nearest and dearest.

16″ Wheels

You won’t be hearing complaints from your passengers about the ride, because ​all Joggers come shod with sensibly sized 16in wheels. Essential and Expression get steel wheels, while Extreme SE has alloys, but each version soaks up the worst of speed bumps and potholes around town better than something in this price bracket has any right to.

Visibility, parking sensors and cameras

With its higher driving position and relatively narrow windscreen pillars, the Jogger gives you good forwards visibility. The over-the-shoulder view is fine too, and on all but the entry-level trim you get a blind-spot warning.

The large rear three-quarter windows make it easier to spot obstacles when you’re reversing, and all versions have rear parking sensors. Mid-range Expression adds a camera and front sensors. All Joggers have LED headlights as standard”.

Find out more about the Sirus Dacia Rear Passenger and contact us for a free home demonstration.

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