Five reasons to consider an Internal Transfer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

An Internal Transfer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is designed to enable a wheelchair user to safely transfer from wheelchair to driver’s seat inside the vehicle. This is an increasingly popular solution for people who have the ability to transfer independently and prefer the comfort of a standard driver’s seat.

Read our latest blog which explains the advantages of our Ford Wheelchair Accessible cars.

  1. No need to dismantle and lift your wheelchair

This type of WAV means you don’t have to dismantle or lift your wheelchair as you would in a standard car. Lifting and dismantling a wheelchair for prolonged periods of time can put pressure on joints, cause a shoulder strain or injury which would cause substantial mobility problems for someone who self-propels a manual wheelchair. The wheelchair is simply secured behind the passengers seat.

  1. Save time

Without having to dismantle and lift your wheelchair in and out of a car, you could potentially save an hour a week, that’s two whole days a year! (based on two car journeys a day). Watch our video to find out more.

  1. Find the optimum transfer and driving position

The vehicle is fitted with a powered rotating six-way seat which moves up, down, forwards, backwards, and rotates 90 degrees for the optimum transfer position.

Ford wheelchair accessible cars

  1. Self-propel into the vehicle via shallow ramp

The ramp on our Ford Internal Transfer is very shallow, so most manual chair users should easily be able to self-propel in and out. The conversion also benefits from lowering suspension. This lowers the vehicle when you enter and exit and when you are ready to drive away the suspension will rise. This will alleviate the issue of grounding on speed bumps.

Ford WAV cars

  1. Bespoke driving adaptations

We can fit bespoke driving adaptations to ensure the optimum driving experience. This could include the popular push/pull hand controls, steering aids, steering balls. We can also fit wheelchair locking systems. Find out more about our driving adaptations.

steering ball hand controls

Hear from our customer Susan on how much time it saves her.

“Before my accident which caused a spinal injury I could quickly pop out to the shops. I was robbed of that freedom. But now I have my Sirus Internal Transfer I have that ability again. All I have to do is press a button, the side sliding door and ramp open and I am in! It only takes around one minute to get in, whereas in my previous vehicle it took me around 5-6 minutes. I make an easy transfer across to the driver’s seat. I quickly secure my wheelchair using straps designed and fitted by Sirus. My Ford WAV car means I don’t need to mess around with clamps, winches etc, it is ‘fuss free’ and everything I wanted. I wouldn’t swap it for the world”.

If you would like to find out more about our Ford Wheelchair Accessible cars, contact our sales team to book a free home demonstration. T: 0121 505 7777.  We have new vehicles IN STOCK ready to go into build and available on the Motability Scheme.

We also have a range of Approved Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – free delivery in just 1-2 weeks.