Functional Without Forfeiting Quality – Meet Sirus’ Ford Internal Transfer WAV

At Sirus, we are particularly proud of the quality of our Ford Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. They are specifically designed to blend with the manufacturer’s interior, and we use the highest quality materials to make this happen. That coupled with the high-tech options now available on the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect, we can offer a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle that combines functionality with quality and an exceptional drive.  

This blog looks at the key benefits of one of our latest conversions, the Sirus Ford Internal Transfer.  

  1. Side entry WAV

 The Sirus Ford Internal Transfer WAV is designed with side entry. We launched this option in response to customer feedback – many people wanted to park on the street without the fear of being blocked in.

  1. Lowering suspension = a shallower and shorter ramp

This conversion features lowering suspension which is lowered when you are ready to exit. This position means we can fit a short and shallow ramp. (just 70cm long). The benefit of this is that you can park on the street AND park in a Blue Badge bay with enough space to manoeuvre. This feature also helps to alleviate the issue of grounding on speed bumps, which can be very common for WAV’s.

Ford wheelchair accessible vehicles

  1. Sound proofing to reduce road noise

From listening to our customers, we understand that road noise in many WAV’s can be an issue. Particularly as it can make it hard to communicate with passengers who may require assistance or struggle with communication. Our Ford WAV cars include sound insulation throughout to reduce road noise, meaning a much quieter and enjoyable ride.

ford wav

  1. Our conversions blend with the original interior

We select the highest quality materials and we go that extra mile to ensure our vehicles have a flawless from-factory finish. We create fibreglass panels to match the original interior, we include an anti-slip ramp and floor which improves wheel traction in wet weather. Plus LED floor lighting which can be dimmed or brightened to suit you.

Ford car conversion side entry

  1. Rear seats are included

Many similar conversions don’t include rear seats so there is an additional cost. With our Ford Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, our two (OEM) rear seats are included.  We also fit a footrest for extra comfort. (When not in use it securely folds away).

Ford car conversion side entry original seats

Contact us to find out more about our Ford WAVs and book a free home demonstration. We sell new and Approved Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. All of our new vehicles are available on the Motability Scheme.