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Meet Nigel, Mobility Specialist. “The delight on customers’ faces is priceless.”

Nigel joined the Sirus team in 2020. He tells us what it’s like to work at Sirus, and how he gets satisfaction from helping customers find their perfect Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

Tell us about you and your career journey

“I’ve worked in the transport industry for nearly 40 years, working with everything from vehicle manufacturing to logistics. In my role at Sirus, I help our customers find the right mobility vehicle to meet their needs and  get on the road.

What do you do at Sirus?

I’m part of a team that demonstrates our wheelchair accessible vehicles. We travel all over the UK and Ireland, showing how our cars can make life easier and give people more freedom and independence.

What kind of wheelchair accessible cars do you demonstrate? 
We have a number of wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions. Our WAVs are specially modified for wheelchair users. We have rear entry options, the Dacia Jogger and the new Ford Connect. We also offer drive from wheelchair vehicles and upfront passenger options, so if you’re not driving, you can sit next to the driver and enjoy the ride.

How do you make sure the car is right for someone?

We think it’s super important that our customers get a mobility car that makes you feel good and suits your lifestyle. We offer home demonstrations where we bring the car to you so you can see how it fits into your daily life. Plus, once you’ve picked the right vehicle, we’ll deliver the car right to your door for free. That’s all part of the Sirus customer service.

What’s the best part of your job?

I love seeing the happiness and joy when someone gets their new car. It’s more than just a car; it’s independence and a new freedom, a way to explore more easily. It’s pretty special to be part of that moment. The difference we make to our customers’ lives is amazing”.

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