VW Caddy WAV

VW Caddy WAV

A VW Caddy WAV is nothing like any vehicle that you’ve owned before. With this in mind, there are various benefits of mobility freedom. With a VW Caddy wheelchair accessible vehicle, it is easy to use and offers independence to wheelchair users.

There are choices that need to be made when purchasing a VW Caddy WAV, including where you would like the wheelchair to be positioned. Not so long ago the only option for user of a wheelchair would have been to sit in the back of the vehicle behind the front two seats. Today’s WAV’s offer a much greater choice of selection to a wheelchair user, so they can travel on their own or comfortably with friends and family. Many wheelchair accessible vehicles now offer the choice to sit next to the rear passengers ,whilst other WAVs allow the user to sit up front in the passenger seat as well as allowing you to drive the vehicle from your wheelchair.

Once your preferred seating arrangement has been decided then you can start looking through our range of VW Caddy WAV vehicles. Wheelchairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the  vehicle is perfect for this as it is spacious on the inside. There is plenty of headroom for the wheelchair user and with a low, flat, level floor you will be in for a comfortable ride at all times.

The VW Caddy WAV is perfect for any journey, long or short, and is very easy to drive and can load and unload without any unwanted hassle. There is availability of extras with the VW Caddy wheelchair accessible vehicle making it a strong choice for the best wheelchair accessible vehicle.

At Sirus, we are held in great esteem as a principle UK supplier for VW Caddy WAVs. With a broad range, you are for all intents and purposes guaranteed to find a VW WAV vehicle that suits your individual needs and your standard lifestyle. You can see our vehicles on our site and you can connect with us at whatever point for any direction or if you have any things to inquire.

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