Top tips when considering a new or Approved Used WAV

Are you considering purchasing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle? (WAV) Read our latest blog which helps you to understand the options available to you, including using the Motability Scheme, purchasing a brand new vehicle and the benefits of an Approved Used WAV.

Financing your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle


 A good place to start is to decide how you would like to finance your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. Whilst many of our customers choose to use the Motability Scheme, many also prefer the benefits of an Approved Used WAV.

1. Motability Scheme

Motability wav guide

You are eligible to use the Motability Scheme if you receive the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment or the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance. Many of our customers use the Motability Contract Hire Scheme, whereby you exchange your mobility allowance to lease a mobility vehicle. A Contract Hire Agreement runs for a minimum of five years. Many of our customers apply for a Motability Grant towards the cost of the Advance Payment.

2. Purchasing your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle privately 

You can choose to purchase a new or Approved Used WAV privately if you have funds in place and benefit from owning the vehicle outright.

3. Approved Used WAV

Many people are choosing an Approved Used WAV currently (mainly due to the delay in certain new vehicles due to the global pandemic). There are a number of benefits to purchasing a used vehicle, but in order to ensure it is ‘Approved’, make sure the following are in place;

  • The vehicle has been through stringent checks and refurbishment programme
  • Warranty is included (Sirus include a 3-year RAC Warranty and 1-year RAC Roadside Assist)
  • MOT is included (Sirus include a minimum of 9-months MOT).



Approved Used vehicles – If you are in a hurry, this could be the best option for you. Sirus Approved Used vehicles can often be ready to go in 1-2 weeks (depending on the adaptations you require).

New & in stock – We usually have a range of vehicles in stock which can go into build in our factory straight away. So you can have a vehicle in 2 weeks (depending on the adaptations you require). We may only have certain colours available, so please call us to find out more.

New factory order – there will be a longer wait for any factory order vehicles, if you are looking for a particular spec or colour. This will also depend on the vehicle.  Please call us to find out more


Seating options in your mobility vehicle 

You must decide where you would like to sit in the vehicle. Options include:

  1. Drive from wheelchair
  2. Drive and transfer to a standard driver’s seat
  3. Travel upfront in your wheelchair next to the driver
  4. Travel in the back in your wheelchair

Drive From Wheelchair

Drive From Wheelchair vehicles are designed for wheelchair users who want to drive. This is the ideal solution if you cannot transfer from your wheelchair to a standard driver’s seat. Bespoke driving adaptations can also be fitted to suit your requirements. On the occasions you don’t want to drive, you can travel as a passenger in your wheelchair either in the front or rear, depending on the design.  View our Drive From Wheelchair vehicles here.

Internal Transfer

An Internal Transfer WAV is designed to enable the wheelchair user to transfer from wheelchair to a standard driver’s seat. This means you can safely transfer inside the vehicle as opposed to by the side of the road and secure your wheelchair inside the vehicle. The mobility vehicle is fitted with a powered rotating six-way seat which moves up, down, forwards, backwards, and rotates 90 degrees for the optimum transfer position. View our Internal Transfer vehicles here.

Upfront Passenger

An Upfront Passenger vehicle enables the wheelchair user to travel in the front next to the driver. The front passenger seat is removed to create a space for the wheelchair so the journey can be enjoyed next to the driver, a much more sociable way to travel. View our Upfront Passenger vehicles here.

Rear Passenger

This conversion is designed so the wheelchair user can travel in the rear. Rear Passenger WAV’s can be a cost-effective solution and are popular for younger children to travel in the rear. (Please note, we no longer sell new Kia Soul conversions. Visit our Approved Used to view any second-hand stock.

To find out more, contact us and book a free home demonstration.