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Sirus Automotive team up with G5 Sports Services

Sirus has teamed up with G5 Sports Services, the exclusive UK distributor for Strike Force, the world-leading Powerchair Football sports chair. The two companies share a very similar ethos and believe that by working closely together we can provide our customers with an even better service. Our aim is to help customers choose the right vehicle to suit their individual lifestyle.

Simon Pearson,  Sirus Founder commented “Many of our customers who drive or travel upfront are actively involved in Powerchair Football with the majority using a Strike Force sports chair. Many people assume they have to have a large van to carry additional chairs, hoists and equipment. Our compact conversions are designed specifically to offer optimum space for additional passengers, equipment and wheelchairs”.

Putting our vehicles and Strike Force sports chair to the test

We put our vehicles and Strike Force sports chair to the test to demonstrate just how easy it is to transport your sports chair, as well as additional equipment and passengers.

Sirus Drive / Upfront – Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

Our latest model, the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect is the ideal vehicle for travelling with your sports chair. The wheelchair user can either drive or travel upfront, the Strike Force Powerchair then fits easily behind the driver/passenger, as well as leaving space for 2 rear passengers. The ample boot space can easily fit equipment, even the popular Molift Smart 150 hoist. The side sliding door and ramp are fully automated and you can be away in minutes.  You can transport the Strike Force easily without removing the bumper.

Sirus VW Drive / Upfront

The Sirus VW also lends itself extremely well to transporting a Strike Force Powerchair.  The wheelchair user (either upfront passenger or drive from wheelchair) can manoeuvre into position, the Strike Force will then easily fit behind you (with the bumper still attached), and still leave space for an additional rear passenger and equipment. Sirus can fit bespoke straps to ensure everything is secured.

“Freedom to travel without worry”

Amy Wharton Powerchair Football Player for West Bromwich Albion Throstles uses her Sirus VW Upfront to transport her Strike Force Powerchair. Amy said “The Sirus VW Upfront enables me to travel sitting up front in my everyday powerchair and then have enough room to transport my mobile hoist and Strike Force Powerchair. Sirus fitted extra lockdown points to ensure my Strike Force is secure at all times. The Sirus VW Upfront has given me so much freedom to travel without having to worry about not having enough space to take everything I need”.  Read Amy’s story here.

Safest and most convenient transportation

Niamh O’Reilly,  G5 Sports Services commented “We offer our customers one to one support throughout the entire order process, from the initial fit-up and chair specification assessments to fundraising advice and aftercare services. Now with the help of Sirus we are also able to offer our customers advice on the safest and most convenient transportation options for their new chair. Through our work with Sirus and the brilliant range of vehicles they offer, we can demonstrate that you can have a compact vehicle which is fuel efficient to get to games, easy to park once you arrive, but still be able to transport your chair, equipment and other passengers without the need for a large van”.

If you would like a demonstration of the vehicle with the Strike Force Sports Chair, please contact sales@g5sportsservices.co.uk or visit the Facebook page.

If you are interested in Powerchair Football visit www.thewfa.org.uk

Pictured right: Chris Gordon, Niamh O’Reilly from G5 Sports Services & Vicky Crees, Sirus Head of Marketing.

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