Vehicle adaptations for driving – hear from our customers

When it comes to purchasing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for you and your family, Sirus are the experts at fitting bespoke mobility car adaptations to best suit your needs.

In our latest blog, we take a closer look at some of the previous car adaptations that Sirus have helped customers with – read on to find out more about our adaptations service for WAVS.

Paralympic swimmer Ellie Challis learns to drive with bespoke driving adaptations

Ellie Challis, from Clacton-On-Sea, became Paralympics GB’s youngest medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. In September 2022 Ellie purchased her first car, a Sirus Ford Internal Transfer and started having driving lessons with bespoke driving adaptations. Ellie drives using her push/pull hand controls, a cup on the steering wheel and a bleeper system which operates the indicators, lights and horn.

Commenting on her experience, Ellie said: “The Sirus service has been really good, things have gone really quickly and smoothly which was a huge positive for me as I’d waited so long up until that point. Now I have it I wouldn’t want any other car!”

Read Ellie’s full story here.

“Being able to drive again has massively benefitted my mental health and wellbeing”

vehicle adaptations

Jenna Fitzgerald, 33, from Sligo sustained a C5/6 spinal injury in 2014 whilst on holiday in Spain.

Speaking about her adapted WAV, Jenna said: “My wheelchair adapted vehicle feels so different from other WAVs due to the suspension. I can hardly feel the bumps in the road, and even going over speed bumps feels completely different.

“When I don’t feel like driving, I can sit in the front in my wheelchair which is absolutely amazing and totally different from sitting in the back. Occasionally my Dad drives, we couldn’t believe how easy it was to swap the seats around.”

Read Jenna’s full story here.

“I would definitely recommend Sirus for their vehicle adaptations expertise”

vehicle adaptations

Gill Tyrer from Llandudno has Drive From Wheelchair vehicle with a variety of vehicle adaptations fitted to assist her when driving from her wheelchair.

Speaking about her WAV, she said: “My new Sirus VW Drive is designed to enable me to comfortably drive from my wheelchair. Although the vehicle is quite small, it is actually really spacious inside and much bigger than I thought! There’s plenty of room for my passengers to stretch out so I have space for myself and two other passengers.

I had various vehicle adaptations fitted.  Andy, Sirus Adaptations Engineer did an amazing job! I really did put him through his paces! I saw the Sirus team four times in total – the first two times was a home demonstration where he recommended what I needed, then two fittings at Sirus”.

Read Gill’s story here.

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